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I am new to all this and looking to get an all in one system. The missus still wants a VCR so she can watch all the "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes" guff with the lil ones.

Do I go for an all in one with a VCR/DVD combi, or a good dvd system and get a separate VCR ? Any connectivity issues ?

I can spend upto £300 initially, do I get Good DVD and VCRs now then get the home cinema kit later ?

Ideally I'd like to get it all for £300 ish if poss.



For £250 from Richer sounds,you can get the award winning Sony DAV550 all in one system that's the dog's doodles for the price. I'm sure they'll be able to find you a good NICAM VCR for £50 that you'll find very easy to connect up to the Sony system.


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The LG DV-2000H is a good combi and surround system combination. LG video recorders have excellent reliability although a little crude. The DVD deck has one of the best dvd mechanisms out there for using copied media and copeing with dvd extra material and layer changes. The picture via RGB is superb although its best to make the scart cable one way to avoid ghosting problems. The sound has excellent surround steering and basically does a good job. Its not the greatest sounding system ever but its better than the average system out there.

Its fairly easiliy modified to be multiregion too via cd.

I've seen it for £200 or less so well worth considering.


I was considering this LG dv2000 system as i wouldnt mind a video player as well to update my aging video player (matsui lol).

But the speakers and power ouput of sound wasnt the best so im going for the LG LHD6530 which has a max RMS sound output of 350w as aposed to the 200w of the dv2000 system.

I'd later get a 6head vcr player when i can afford it later and try to get one with super long play to stretch the 3 hr tapes to 9 hrs with not much quality loss if the stuff u tape aint what u want to keep forever. Also for a Video player i'd try and get a commercial skip option which as we all know is a god send if it works.

So the LG LH D6530 = £200 aprox
A VCR player with decent stuff on would be about £100-150 quid.

This is what i'd probably be doing.


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Its a fair point about the DV-2000H power output. I mentioned it to my boss who uses a DV-2000H with his £3,000 Sony LCD rear projection Grand Wega!, and he says he's happy with overall volume. If your budget could stretch to £400 you can probably get a half decent dvd recorder and amp/speakers combination. Something like a Panasonic E50 and a Digitheatre Platinum.

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