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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by FoxyMulder, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Just been reading that Tears of the Sun has a directors "expanded" edition coming out in June, we just had a superbit release of the original and there will be a Stripes expanded edition too, thing is Columbia are also making a Spiderman 2 Extended cut and it seems to be a studio policy to milk the fan with the original version and then release a superbit followed by a longer cut, other studios usually announce it in advance but Columbia seem to have a set policy for this and are really taking the biscuit.

    I betcha right now there are dozens of films Columbia are planning to release in extended cuts, now i am all for longer versions of films but its starting to get ridiculous, if they must release a longer version please make it the ultimate version, lets say a 3 disc superbit version with extras on disc 3 and discs 1 and 2 being the original film and extended cut, that way i don't feel short changed.

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