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I've looked through the Sky forum but can't find anything that I recognise as being the same problem I've currently got with my box and TV. I have to admit to being less than technical, though, so some of the threads have bamboozled me a bit! I'll try to describe what the problem is and if anyone can help, I'd be hugely grateful!

I have a Sky digibox, but cancelled my subscription a good while ago, so receive the free to view channels through the system. Yesterday morning, everything was working as normal, but last night when I switched on the digibox and the TV there was no picture on the TV, just a lot of coloured squares. There was some sound, although it was patchy. At first I thought it was the TV, but swapped it for another and it's just the same. I can still read the TV programme info on the screen using the Sky remote. The channel that Sky is linked into is one that says AV when you turn on the TV. Everything seems to be plugged in OK, and I'm at a loss to know what to do to try to fix it.

All help gratefully received!


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It was raining VERY heavily here last night. If you had the same weather, that could have reduced the amount of signal your dish could gather from the satellites 22,000 miles away to below the level necessary for reception - and leave you with what you describe (it's known as 'pixelation' BTW).

Unplug the digibox from the mains for ten seconds, then plug it back in a leave it for a couple of minutes before taking it out of standby by pressing the Sky button. If the weather's improved, reception should be restored now.
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