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Coloured lines accross t.v (TV or DVD?)

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by ga-rat, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. ga-rat


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    Whilst watching R1 DVD's i get coloured lines accross the top of my t.v.

    I have an LG-3200e with region hack, Daewoo DT28A75 t.v that is NTSC compatable. The LG has a switch on the back to select the signal output (NTSC,PAL or AUTO). I have tried all settings. the lines dissapear when the output is set to PAL, but the picture jerks because of the difference in frame rate and Hz etc. There is an option of Pseudo PAL once it is set to send a PAL signal but once again when this is enabled i get those lines back.

    I have tried connecting it to my t.v using S-Video and RGB Scart and there is no difference. I have tried both Scart sockets on my t.v and it does the same.:confused:

    I know my T.V isnt the best in the world, about £380 for a 28" t.v.....bargain....maybe not..

    Please if anyone has had a simular problem and has got any advise let me know ,cheers.

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