Colour sometimes too high via VGA input


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I was wondering what others thought about colour levels when using their Panasonic plasmas via the VGA input.

I'm using a Panasonic PWD6 with QED Qsync via VGA input and have briefly tried the JS Technology Plasma VGA. The picture is sharper than using the scart board but losing control over the colour level sort of makes it worse. Some programmes are transmitted with such high colour levels they look awful.


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I've got the 5 series and use the RGB to Plasma VGA unit (well, I did design the unit!). There's various adjustments you can do in the picture menu to brightness and contrast. In general, brightness is for the black level and contrast for the peak white level.

In the advanced menu (just switch them on in the picture menu), there's an option for Gamma which can also be adjusted.

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Completely agree. Especially reds. Check out Film 2004 with Jonathan Woss. A very red set.

I've played with all the available settings and can't get the colours to my liking. But via my RGB2YUV and iScan it's the best available option.



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I originally noticed that red's seemed a little overpowering, when I first started using my PWD6. After about 70 hours of viewing, I increased the brightness on the screen and now it's all balanced out and looks great.

I found that, contrast aside, less brightness = more redness.

I'm using RGB->VGA convertor too. I can't remember if I noticed the same on the SCART board - the general picture quality through the SCART board was so poor, I only kept it a day.


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