Colour setup on Sony 50W805C

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    I have a Sony 50W805C and I'm trying to setup the picture correctly. While watching the TV I've noticed that the Greens are too vivd and more yellow than they should be. Using the AVSHD calibration patterns I've noticed that while using the Color Clipping pattern the reds are flashing past the reference up to 245, the green is not showing any flashing bars and the blue is almost right at 237. The trouble is that no matter what I do to the controls I can't get any flashing green bars unless I turn the controls to such an extreme the colour is totally off, and even then I can barely see any bars flashing in the green section.

    Would anyone be able to help me setup the picture correctly please?

    My current settings are:

    Picture Mode: Cinema pro
    Auto picture mode: off
    Light Sensor: off

    Brightness: 37
    Contrast: 90
    Gamma: 0
    Black level: 50
    Black adjust: off
    Adv. contrast enhancer: off

    Colour: 47
    Hue: 0
    Color temp: warm
    Live colour: off
    Adv. colour temp: all defaults

    Sharpness: 2
    Reality creation: off
    random noise reduction: off
    digital noise reduction: off

    Motionflow: off
    Film mode: high


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