Colour saturation/depth on picture keeps changing

B Tank

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My setup:

Philips 50 PUS6754 | Denon X1600h | PS4 | PS5 | Xbox Series X | KEF Q300/Q200C | CA MINX 22

So I have noticed in last few months, the picture on my TV changes it's saturation, occasionally. This change happens depending on what order my devices are turned on, or sometimes if I do source changes in the middle of PS5 gaming. Let's call it high saturation and low. Low looks slightly washed out compared to high obviously.

As mentioned before, the order of devices turning on will consistently affect if I get high saturation picture or low.

In my Philips TV I have a colour enhancement setting, this changes the colour accordingly in both these pictures I am getting.

If I get the high saturation image, I have to turn colour enhancement off as it's becomes extremely oversaturated. Turning this off gives a good picture.

If I get the low saturation image, I have to turn colour enhancement to Max, this then gives a good image.

The picture looks great in general on PS5 and HDR, but what I need to know is out of these 2 pictures I am getting:

Why is it happening?
What is the intended image?

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