colour problem with Philips LX3000D - going crazy

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    Hi all,
    I searched and searched this forum, but didn't find an explanation to my problem. Sorry if I'm repeating other threads, but here it goes:

    I got a Philips LX3000D (Home Theatre in a box) bought in Brazil (no SCART out, just CHINCH/RCA, S-VIDEO and PbPrY out). The system set-up offers these options aunder "TV format" (video out):
    - Auto, NTSC, PAL

    Enlightened by a post by LV426, I imagined this meant that the player would perform a true NTSC to PAL convertion (colour, lines and freq.).

    The player also offers the possibility of setting-up the video out signal:

    I connected the player to a SONY KV X21TD telly, using the CHINCH / Composite out and a CHINCH to SCART converter I borrowed from my Playstation 2. I only got B&W picture, and I tried all the set-ups possible. There are two SCART sockets at the back of the TV, I tried both and got only B&W.

    Now, I got another smaller TV (Sony KV M1450D), that has only one SCART. Amazinlgy this one showed colour picture using exaclty the same cable, and the system set-up for PAL. Changing the video signal-out doesn't change anything.

    I assumed the first TV didn't understand the composite signal it was receiving from the player (???), so I got myself a PbPrY to SCART cable. Very well, when I used this cable, there was no picture at all, in either one of the SCART sockets!
    Then I used the same cable on the smaller TV, and got a vertically "running" picture (looks out of frequency).

    I imagine, now, that my player is outputting PAL60 and not true PAL. But if this is so, how come the small TV can display it's composite signal properly? And if it does that for the composite signal, why doesn't it work with the component signal?

    More: if the signal is PAL60, is it possible that the first TV is able to form the picture in B&W via, composite signal, and no picture at all via component? Doen't make sense to me...

    Can anyone help, please???

    Thanks a million,


    latter additions:
    - my Playstation 2 (PAL) works fine with the big TV set;
    - the manual for my DVD player says "output video formats: NTSC, PAL-G, PAL-B"

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