Colour convergence problem on my X1 clone with NTSC ?


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My X1 clone (IBM) is experiencing what I can only describe as colour convergence problem. On a vertical line I am seeing the left hand edge of the line red tinted and a green "shadow" to the right. The green "shadow" is a full 9 pixels wide, which is unwatchable.

This only happens with an NTSC signal over a s-vid cable . NTSC over composite is fine (at least convergence wise), PAL is fine over S-vid or composite.

I have tried different NTSC sources and different cables all with the same effect.

Anyone with any ideas or am I looking at a service call.



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Well, after an afternoon paying round with different cables, sources etc.
It wasn’t until I took the projector down off the wall that I figured out the problem.

The s-vid socket is loose. Not the plug loose in the socket but the socket loose on the circuit board. If I attach the cable and have the projector right way up the weight of the plug/cable presses down on the socket and the picture is fine. When mounted upside-down on the wall the weight is in the other direction and there is this “misconvergence”.

I have taped in the plug for the moment (angled slightly towards the base of the unit) and all seems ok.

Would I be likely to get this loose socket rectified at under warranty? (it’s only 3 months old)

I still don’t know why it only effects NTSC not PAL though ?


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Yes, get it fixed under warranty. It's a defect. And a five minute job. The PAL vs NTSC thing is, as you say, a puzzle.


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Overall I am very happy with the projector.

I took the view that it would be my first step on the projector ladder. I had a look at the sim2 Domino and was very impressed but thought that as the ilv300 is about £3k cheaper it would be a better place to start.

The main drawbacks of the projector are that: there are only three inputs and it is native 4:3


Composite (probably to be avoided)
Svid / Component interlaced
VGA / Component progressive

To use either of the component inputs you will need one of the adaptors.

I suppose it depends on what sources you wish to use. I use DVD, Sky +, Xbox and SVHS. As all my sourced have Svid outputs I just switch them all through my amp and then output them as Svid to the projector and am very happy with the results.

The projector is native 4:3 and does NOT have a mode to display PAL 4:3 content on a 16:9 screen. So if you want to watch PAL 4:3 content you will need a 4:3 screen (or a scaler / HTPC.)

If anyone has a SP4800 I would be interested if it can display PAL4:3 on a 16:9 screen. (ie black bars left and right)

I am very happy with the picture. To be critical I would say that the gamma curve could be slightly better. Having calibrated the contrast and brightness I find the mid levels to be a bit dark. Apparently you can install the SP4800 firmware which has a slightly more cinema friendly gamma curve which I may try in the future. (Unfortunately you can’t download a copy of the IBM branded firmware so you could never go back if anything went wrong !)

Only other thing is that as it has a relatively slow colour wheel if you can see DLP rainbows you will see them with this projector. I see them a lot but they don’t bother me.
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