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Colour bleeding

Discussion in 'TVs' started by mandmac, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. mandmac


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    Just bought a new Toshiba 32Z23B, now I know this is a budget 32" but I never expected the picture to be so rubbish.

    Its basicly a second set I use for console gaming, when xbox and ps2 are hooked up via rgb scart the colour bleeding from words colourd boxes etc is horrible sometimes words are unreadable especially when they are one of the 3 main colours red/green/blue.

    Gamecube through s-video is sweet, so can it be a rgb scart problem?as apposed to a tube problem.

    The leads I use for connecting are all perfect on any other rgb TV(pin sharp)

    Would an engineer be able to fix this colour bleeding via the service menu?

    Any help would be great, would dread having to return as it nearly broke our backs to get up the stairs.

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