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Colour banding ... Advice?


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I tried to return my Samsung N73 to Currys three days ago, but they said that they coudln't do anything because the product was over 28 days old. I had the option to leave it there and them to get a Samsung engineer in, but they said it would be easier for me just to do it from home.
So I took it back home and phoned the correct Currys warranty line, went through reels of automated messages before being put onto Samsung's customer services; was then put through to their LCD department. Was told they'd ring back within 24 hours, they didn't. I rang again: "we'll get back to you within a couple of hours", they didn't. I rang again this morning and they said they'd get back to me by 6pm, which they didn't. I have just returned to Currys and left the TV there for them to deal with.

They set the TV up in front of me and put one of their Happy Feet HD sources through it to test it. The assistant swore that he could see nothing wrong with the picture.

When there was a closeup of an egg, he said "look at the detail, it's incredible". Of course it was "incredible", it was taking up the whole 32" screen.

I pointed out the banding in they sky to which he replies "nah, that's just where the sun would be." :suicide:

Happy Feet is only going to use a simple colour palette because of it's animated cartoony nature, so will not show the problem of as well as freeview or gaming. I told him an obvious place to see it is on the PS3's XMB menu background, where there is supposed to be a smooth gradient of colour. The TV splits it into distinct bands of colour. Of course, "that would not be possible in store". :thumbsdow

When I bought the TV, it was described as a "vibrant and true colour experience, capable of displaying 25.7 billion colours" (which it plainly can't if it is banding). My pictures look like this, but not that severe.

He said that he could still get an engineer to have a look at it, but insisted that he could see nothing wrong with it.

Where do I stand with this? Am I just being too picky? Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the banding?

There is also ghosting on freeview, which doesn't look particularly nice.



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By banding, do you mean blocking? where you can see blocks of picture?
Do you get this on all sources i.e. freeview and dvd?
You should not get ghosting on freeview digital channels that only happens on analogue. Are you tuned in to digital freeview channels?
Have you got a suitable aerial to pick up freeview in your area, do you receive all channels?
Your consumer rights are still in place, but I think you would be entitled now to a repair rather than a straight replacement. Maybe you need to get independent advice on the problem as the shop may be fobbing you off.


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Sorry no, I mean banding like this and this. Admittedly, mine is not as bad as the 8-bit picture on the first link but it is closer to that than the other two. My freeview looks quite like the example in the second link. You only really notice it when there is a smooth gradient of colour on the screen, like the PS3's XMB background.
Yes, I get it on all sources (Freeview, PS3, DVD).

As for the ghosting, I think I described it wrongly. It's more like motion blur, and fast moving things get trails behind them. Some things, though mainly on bad sources, look like that have a glow coming from them. My reception is fine, I had all the channels tuned properly I think.



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I think you may be stuck with the problem. LCD televisions are more prone to motion blur than plasma.

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