ColorHCFR, Spyder 2 and the Pioneer LX608D


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i'm using the colorhcfr software with the spyder2 colorimetre to calibrate my pioneer 608d. My first questions are these:

1. I'm using colorhcfr's pal dvd for test patterns. Does that mean i can calibrate it only to the PAL/SECAM color space standard? Will i need an ntsc disc for the ntsc standard and a blu-ray disc for the HDTV standard? Or is it that i can calibrate it to the HDTV standard with the pal disc? If i need an hd disc for the hdtv standard which disc should i get? Is there one?

2. Is there a definitive way to set contrast and brightness? I use the thx optimizer but i'm not sure it gives the right results. I get 40 contrast and 0 brightness. I also used tom huffman's calibration disc and i got similar results.

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The x and y points for D65 are the same for PAL, HD and NTSC so you won't have to worry about your greyscale. The primaries are in a different place but unless your display or scaler (if you have one) is capable of CMS function then you won't be able to do much about that anyway.

You will find that for analogue connections PAL and NTSC will have different brightness settings since NTSC has a 7.5 IRE set up pedastill and PAL doesn't. For digital connections they should be the same (though sometimes some things liek switchers can have an effect).

Star Wars THX optimiser is OK for setting your white and black levels, but some older Optimisers were unique for the movie that was on the disk it was provided with so a test disk would be a better choice. Unless you wanted to buy a specific test disk, Star Wars A New hope's optimiser should be fine. I use Avia since it has moving bars which make setting the levels very easy, but other disks like Peter Finzels and /getgrey are also very good.


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