Collectors Figures (Picture Heavy) - Part 3

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I wouldn't be concerned about not getting an immediate reply as they may not be online all day but keep an eye on new listings by them, if they list new things without getting back to you then it would be time to get annoyed

Other than the arm which looks like an easy and unnoticeable repair job being possible they look like they turned out very well and look quite nice in that quick video
yeah its nice apart from the arm lol
will post more tomorrow :)

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You shouldn’t have to repair it.
I have arranged a replacement which will be with us on Tuesday
It won’t cost you anything to return it as we cover return shipping
The only thing I ask is if you ca return once you get the replacement please

cant say fairer than that


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You shouldn’t have to repair it.
I have arranged a replacement which will be with us on Tuesday
It won’t cost you anything to return it as we cover return shipping
The only thing I ask is if you ca return once you get the replacement please

cant say fairer than that
Great to hear, it’s the exact best sort of reply that you could have hoped for :clap:

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I can be sure that wont be all this year...... Star Destroyer is still a probably but I've also a maybe and a definetely on my lego wish list too plus of course whatever statues appear ;)
Lego is another slippery slope, but if you are intent on exploring that for a bit who am I to stop you? :D

You got there in the end, as I said before, just glad you got them and didn't end up with any regret by missing out while they were well priced
As always, the price was key for both. ;) Some good luck helped as well. No regrets with either piece. I love 'em. :thumbsup:

I mean seriously, what were they thinking? o_O

Well to be fair, there's lots of great views around me here :D
There sure is. :love: If you ever consider doing tours, I'd be interested. :):p

No worries, still have an eye out but nothing for really cheap so far
I suppose even Wally has a fan base. :D

On a shelf on his own or with a few others I don't think the colouring would be any issue at all, however I would have thought the smaller scale may be more of an issue for yourself
You are right, the scale could be a potential issue, but isn't Batspawn a little bigger than the normal releases?

I know what you mean..... there's always the internet though
Incognito mode helps as well, lol.

Yeah, Gentle Giant Darth Vader Bust which wasn't spotless either but it was more dust and natural dirt so it cleaned up not to bad and I still have on display today
Pleased you got one in the end and I think it's ace you still have him to this day.

Me too, just baffles me at times
Some people, eh? :rolleyes::suicide:

For up high? It would have to be a Hot Toys one but nothing really in particular at the minute....... its a wait and see if something comes up that I really want and would also display well up there
I wonder if they will do any more from the game your Spidey is based on?

Not really mainly due to the price of them, happy to have spidey hanging around on his own
A green or hob goblin could work, or Doc Oc. I'd still like to petition for Venom though. :D

Its more due to me already having him sitting above by pc monitor that I've been thinking on how to pose and mount him up there..... but yes, silly pose would be a given
Do you already have an HT Deadpool, or is this another figure you are referring to?

Why don't you have him hanging from the ceiling, upside down, in Spidey's line of sight, mooning him? Seems appropriate, lol. :laugh:

I'm sure there will be a few more designer series ones to come along over time that will make the plan go a little easier ;)
Oh yes. Next one drops around June time. ;)

Very true :devil:

I like it ok but not enough to buy..... for yourself, due to lack of space I'd be picturing more regular ones as the simialar bases could look better on display all together rather than having a random deluxe one in the middle of it
I agree. Other than my PF's, I am aiming for a more focused display. The more parity the better as far as I am concerned.

Me too, just remember to post about anything you see to give me some teasing ammo ;)
Will do...oh wait...:facepalm:

Very happy with both as they both turned out even better than I was expecting
Always nice when that happens. ;) They look fantastic in your pics, but they must be incredible in hand.

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Sorry I did see them, they look very cool too
Thanks man. :) Yeah, I'm really chuffed with them. It's nice to have some different characters in the collection as opposed to the normal three cash cows.

Ha ha will get them uploaded ASAP, nothing too exciting really
Could it be new figures, statues or transformers? Don't keep us in suspense. :p

Let's hope so, would be great to see in HD
Code Veronica seems ripe for the remake treatment too. Great game that.

Black one
I'd best get it setup first really...still sat in the box in the corner of the living room :blush::blush:
That doesn't surprise me one bit, lol. :laugh:

I used to but as my attention span isn't what it used to be I can't keep up with too many plot issues lol
Games are far more complex and involved these days, so forgetting certain plot points is easy done, especially when you can go for months between sessions.

Ah ok might try it for a bit anyway
I'm sure you'll enjoy it given how much of a fan of the series you are.

In other Gear news...I am on the last chapter for Gears 3 :)
So, have you completed it yet?

I was not prepared for what happened in Chapter 4 though :eek::(:(:(:(:(
Still not quite come to terms with it lol
I may not have played them, but I am familiar with certain plot points and I've got a good idea of what you are referring to. Quite the gut punch if you have been following the series from the beginning.

Now you're beginning to sound like me
I'm sure most gamers are the same. ;)

I did see that...we can only hope
I would rather they left it alone. They will clearly make a hash of it if their recent output is anything to go by.

Ah I remember now
Think I'm still to chicken to try it out lol
Try watching from behind the sofa. :D

Sorry I meant the Fist of the North Star 2D fighter that I mentioned on the PS2
I swear I'll dig the videos out now!
I forgot all about that, lol. Now that you've reminded me, I'll go have a look. Post any vids you like though. ;)

Trying so hard to find a way to go back & soon.
Absolutely loved it
We managed to return a few years after our first trip and although good, it felt a bit samey. We crammed in so much the first time we kind of covered the majority of attractions, but still it was great revisiting them again and the odd new ride here and there was cool.

Real life seems to have an annoying way of getting in the way lately
Yep, but it can't be helped and a lot of it needs to take precedence. It makes you appreciate the time you do get for your hobbies all the more though.

Sucks doesn't it :(
It does, but I am determined to get through them all. I was eyeing up Infinity War and Endgame on bluray just last night. :p

Same, he looks like an absolute stormer of a piece if they get him right
I'm waiting for in hand pics first, but I have got high hopes for him.

Something else, what I had been eyeing up is now out of stock
Will it likely come back in to stock? Which piece was it?

Say, did Sideshow ever get back to you regarding the Green Arrow PF you were mad keen on?

I expect everyone who has even looked at this thread & waited to see my collection on display is in the same position lol
Please give us something man before the next ice age, lol! :laugh:

Ha ha too true, still going to try somehow
If you really want it to happen, you always find a way. ;)

I know, hoping it doesn't come to it but at this rate it seems a waste to have it all there & never out on show :(
If I was in your situation these kind of thoughts would motivate me even more to get cracking with that display of yours. With everything to hand you could work out what works and what doesn't and perhaps use that process to decide which pieces, if any, you could let go. I know the whole project may seem overwhelming, but break it down and go at it bit by bit.


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To hazzard a guess..... oh yesssssss :laugh:
Ha ha I guess I ask for it really ;)

Gam said:
Bet you've made a space for your my little pony collection though ;)
Ha ha, Chloe would kill me if I didn't ;)

Gam said:
I'm sure :(

Have you everything in the attic now or is some still in storage
Most stuff is in the loft, just some left overs in storage now
Will be bringing that all back over the next few weeks too

Gam said:
its easy to spot one thing and miss others
Once you see one thing that's where the eye is instantly drawn too & other little bits get overlooked

Gam said:
Cheers, still bringing a smile to my face looking up at him
I bet, have you thought about adding anymore of the other suits to the collection?
Like the Iron Spider ones & that Scarlet Spider version too.

Gam said:
I'll be disapointed in you if you don't at least get Huntress with her being on your wish list for so long
Ha ha so will I...might pre-order her this week actually

Gam said:
Suppose more important things than figures/statues, I'll be surprised if there isn't more things delayed this year
Absolutely, figures come & go, things far more important...oooh look us being all adult & caring ;)

Gam said:
Yeah ex head not doing anything for me either but I do like the regular.
Nope that idea of going for the Jester hood is just so out of place with the rest of the look

Gam said:
Having said that I had a load of rewards points just sitting for the last few years so stuck an order in with them direct last weekend........ but wish I'd waited as Forbidden Planet just put her up for pre-order at a good price
Same problem here, I only have just over £200 in rewards & trying desperately hard to use them but not sure whether to get something that fits in with what I already collect or go a little bit out there & get something different
Glad you ordered Harley though, think she'll be a good addition...did you go Exclusive anyway or just the reg?

Gam said:
Yeah seen it....... take the positive out of it as it will save you ££££ not getting it ;)
Ha ha I suppose but would have loved a Museum pose personally...seems such a waste :(

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