Collectors Figures (Picture Heavy) - Part 3


i used to post my stuff a long time ago here is what my cupboard uder the stairs looks like today :)



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So it was my 40th birthday a fortnight ago & I got a couple of new bits from the family which means I'm finally catching up with @gam again ;) lol

First up Jessie Quick

Then Raven

Both are stunners with no issues at all but I have to say Raven is my fave of the two, she is an absolute beauty, the little details like the flame & gradient in the cape, really make her a little bit special

Pleased to finally have them both in the collection



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Far, far too much now. The average price of a non diecast seems to be north of £250. I haven't bought anything for 4 months now and probably won't.

Last thing I pre ordered was Blitzway Peter Venkman. Years ago I had to sell some figures because I needed the money. Once I've been able to re acquire them (89 Batman, 89 Joker, 79 Superman and Classic Predator) then I'm done, out.


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New addition, yet another DC Bombshell..... just in time for my birthday

Still have to sort out a shelf/cabinet to display the last half dozen or so properly together but after a run of DC stuff for a while now my next addition if all goes to plan will hopefully not be DC related


I got this Wonder Woman figure it came with the option of having the sword and shield from The Batman vs Superman film or as I done in this the one from her solo film.
Some of the shots were taken low down so in some shots the bottom half looks larger than the top.



Very nice :thumbsup:

Is that the kotobukiya one?

I’ve the Amazon Blu-ray collectors set with the statue of her on order which should be here next week to add to my collection, I’m hoping it turns out well too
Full review of it here.


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.......and speaking of Wonder Woman, I got my blu-ray collectors set version at the second attempt from amazon after they sent me the standard Blu-ray the first time.

Nice statue and happy with the addition to my collection but I think the face in particular looks much better from the side rather than straight on so I would say statue wise I prefer last years Suicide Squad collectors set statue over this one


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That's a very decent effort for a statue bundled in with a collector's edition bluray. ;) The manufacturers have really been upping their game with them recently.

Also, love the videogame steels @gam. :smashin:
I do like collecting my steellbooks :D

They seem to be using the same statues with a different base in their collector sets as to what DC Collectibles are selling for a similar price.

I had both the Harley Quinn ones at one stage and they were very near identical bar one tattoo and the bases being different.

Although I haven't seen it in person, the Wonder Woman one seems to be taken from this statue


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Apart from the odd statue here and there, I have a penchant for steelbooks myself and video games, although I try to keep my collecting in moderation.

I struggle on the space front myself, so you are not alone there. I’ve barely been able to accommodate the two PF statues I already have, never mind the smaller 1/6 pieces.

Having limited space isn’t all bad however as it leads me to make shrewd decisions about which purchases to make and stops me from hoovering up everything that I like. :D
I'm a very casual gamer but steelbooks are definitely very addictive, I've lost count the amount I've gathered up now :)

I'm not very good at 'moderation' but lack of space does help keep other things in check thankfully :D

I’ve got my eye on the Designer Series Joker statue to go alongside my DS Batman. Just waiting it out for now, hoping for a price drop.
Playing the waiting gamble, will it fall in price or will it sell out and rise on the secondary market, I've won and lost doing that a few times...... hope you find one for a price your willing to pay :smashin:

I also keep a close eye on eBay for the DC Collectibles Batman Arkham City line of statues. Ideally I’d like a good few of those, but prices can be eye watering for them at times. :eek:
I actually went for that line over the Bombshells when they both started, I picked them all up except for the exclusive colour variants.

Not including the first Harley and the full colour version of her I didn't realize they had went up in price, nice to hear even though I have no intention of letting mine go anywhere.

Here's a very quick pic of mine and I also have the three from the Arkham Knight on another shelf, not as keen on them as they are full colour

There are a few Hot Toys I would have loved to have added to my collection too (Alien and Predator figures, the Arkham Knight Batman and Joker) but as I have said before I’ve been priced out of that market. :thumbsdow All I can do now is look longingly at the pictures of them. :(
I fell out of love completley with that format and only have a movie Deadpool sitting above my pc now. I do still look at pictures of the newer ones and most of them look great but as you say prices makes them less attractive


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....and finally a couple of new additions, not DC related:clap:

First up Gaming Heads Lara Croft

and in her temporary home with her friends


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........and my new most expensive piece, XM Studios Witchblade :love:

Pictures dont do her justice as in hand she's even more stunning with a very nice weight to make it a very premium statue by my standards.

Only negative is she's about 10mm too tall for where I was going to put her so will have to goto plan B and mod another shelf for a prime display position. So expect a few more pics in a few weeks when thats done.

Even the box/packaging is as good as I've seen. I even had to use the enclosed instuction book to put all the parts together :D


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My movie steels number less than 30 and I have about a half dozen video game steels.

I apply the same methodology to both my movie and video game steels, I only keep ones I thoroughly enjoy, which helps keep the numbers modest.
I occasionally sell on my games after I've completed them fully, but for the most part I like to hold on to them so I can preserve my gaming history. :)

Lol! :laugh: I'd like to think I'd retain a modicum of self control. :p
Thats the best thing if you're disiplined enough to stick with it and also to keep a bit of nostalgia with your gaming history :cool:
It's how I started with steelbooks but have got carried away now with collections within collections :)

Exactly. Whenever I purchase anything I like to get it for the best possible price. I simply can't supress my inner bargain hunter. :D

Very true. Collectibles are always a tricky beast to gauge and I've lost out many a time playing the waiting game.

Whilst I won't be holding my breath for discounts on anything I am interested in come Black Friday, I will be keeing a close eye all the same. ;)
They're always nicer in the long run when you get a bargain as opposed to feeling a touch aggrieved if overpaying for something

You are right, I have been watching Amazon closely. However their prices have been pretty stagnant on the Joker statue so far. :thumbsdow They only seem to reduce their pricing if a third party seller gives them some competition and that seems to be rarely.
Yes, I've noticed they can have random price drops for a day or two now and again so always worth keeping an eye on :smashin:

Loved the pic mate. :love:
A-ha, so like a Bond villain you admit your wicked scheme, eh? ;) Do you expect me to buy Gamfinger? :laugh:

Thanks very much for that. :smashin: It really helps to know what kind of ball park to aim for.
No problem, your very welcome :hiya:

I love the fact that you can get different poses out of Hot Toys and can chop and change with accessories. However, I agree, more and more statues just seem to look better for display purposes. They just seem to have more presence to them than figures.
I agree, I easily prefer the display presence of statues although HT definitely have their benefits. The different poses and accessories can be great but with some I found it could be frustrating getting the pose I wanted to look natural on display.

The biggest plus for modern Hot Toys figures to me is Head sculpt likenesses are almost always more realistic looking than statues but thats not enough to draw me back into them.

You are spot on. They have no reason to reduce prices if sales are continuing at the higher rates. Standard HT pricing seems to be hovering around the £220-£230 range now, which IMO is too much. I fear the days of sub £200 for new HT figures may well be gone for good.
How much :eek: I never really look at them in shops anymore incase I had a weak moment but I'm glad I'm not buying them anymore;) Although not the same quality I prefer the days when they were upto £100-£120

Why not rotate them every now and then? That way they all get a chance to be displayed even if intermittently.
Sorry, should say that everthing I own is on display. If something ends up in a box it's a sign to me that it can be sold on.

What I meant, as I like grouping similar things together, was to have them all together in one cabinet but without wasting precious display space thats not that possible in my mind.

For example the Snow day one is just perfect for a deltof shelf
TR WB detolf.JPG

She certainly is. Wish I could see one of those statues for myself, although your pics of yours are superb.
It's the first one I've seen in person and is definitely impressing me. Often I find pictures can sometimes look slightly better than the actual statue/figure but in this case even though pictures are still making her look nice she looks even better in person :)

Of the three, Witchblade is easily the best IMO. ;)

I must confess I wasn't aware of her until now. :blush: I'll need to make some time to check in to her backstory and history because I am intrigued.
As I already liked her it drew me towards buying my first XM piece, see above detolf pic :)

I had always wondered who your old avatar pic was. Witchblade is definitely a worthy replacement. :smashin:
It was another fine looking statue, slightly smaller around 1/6 scale but it was one of the few that I have the original and variant versions off

This was the original...... old pic as they replaced the leaning base in a recall after the pic was taken

And the variant lava version, you can just see the original still on display behind her

Bemused One

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Here's my latest addition. :)


I've been a fan of the Batman Animated Series since back in the day and I've always loved Bruce Timms Harley Quinn. :love: This statue captures his design in 1/6 scale perfectly.





Close up.


Love the extra little detail on the base here.


Both my Designer Series statues together. :)


Bemused One

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Very nice pick up :thumbsup:
Thanks buddy. :)

I think @Soundwave has the black and white series version of that one
Yes, I think you are right.

As much as I like the Black and White line, 1/6 is definitely my preferred scale for statues.

I do like the simple bases they go for with the small but meaningful emblem on them.
They are such a nice touch. Understated but effective.

I have Arrow, Flash and Supergirl TV based statues and the bases are similar :cool:
Got any pics? :)
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The whole Mothers Basement episode remains a cautionary tale for all. Pleased you never got stung by them. Did you ever do business with them in the past?
Nope never used them at all. The deposit situation always put me off so was waiting to make sure they became established over a bit of time but they didn't stay around long enough for me to even give them a try.

That is fortunate. Of course you should expect some delay with that one given it has to fly in from a galaxy far, far away. :p:D
Efx are notorious for delays. It's been due August, Sept, Oct, Nov and currently Dec/Jan via Sideshow so who knows when it will finally ship...... suppose it is a heap of junk that keeps breaking down so delays are inevitable ;):D

You are spot on mate. Well remembered. ;)
I remembered how clean and tidy it looked, mines the opposite, nice (maybe a touch rustic) and cluttered in the attic :D

My display is always in a state of flux, as I am forever trying new things with it. It's the first I've ever had, so I just can't help myself. :laugh:

At present, my PF statues now reside at the bottom of my glass cabinet. I just couldn't bare any dust getting to them. :p Unfortunately that limits the number of shelves I have to play with, but it's a trade off I've been willing to make thus far.
After 15 or 16 years bits of mine is still in flux, some shelves are settled but don't think the whole display/collection will ever be finished. Changing things around always keeps it interesting.

Good idea for the PF's to minimise dust exposure. Another option could be a couple of perspex covers if you wanted to put them back were you had them

I have shelves set aside for the Batman Designer series statues, also the Arkham line, although more and more I get the feeling I'm just too late for the latter. :thumbsdow
Playing catch up can be very expensive, especially trying to get the earlier ones :thumbsdow

I have two shelves specifically for my Hot Toys, still all boxed, lol!

I also have a shelf for my Amiibo too. :D
Get them opened, 'toys' are meant to be played with ;):p

Sounds like it's shaping up to be a very nice display cabinet, I look forward to seeing your collection grow into it :thumbsup:

I'm always a fan of grouping similar figures/statues together as you are doing on different shelves :smashin:

I can understand why you are waiting that one out. A quick look on Amazon shows one of those Biker Harley's for £99, so there's plenty of room for a price drop on that Wonder Woman. In fact I see she is £260 at Forbidden Planet already, albeit on back order.
I've been hoping for nearer £200 but it seems to be getting more scarce so may not get her at all.

I think the Harley became really cheap as they anounced and brought out a version with her hyenas in a side car which was a touch more popular.

Right back at ya for The Joker :D

Vixen incoming, I wonder? :D
Not unless she goes to a price I can't say no to. I have Starfire, Jessica Cruz and very likely Wonder Woman Bombshells to come next year.
As much as I like the Black and White line, 1/6 is definitely my preferred scale for statues.
You never know, if you end up with a slightly low shelf you might pick up some slightly smaller ones to fill it ;)

I like variety but I agree, 10" to 12" is a nice size for statues, especially to get a group of them to display together.

Got any pics? :)
DC are much better at comic based statues in my opinion. They're not great headsculpts which is the usual for DC when doing an actual human likeness with no makeup but then at this price point you can forgive the likeness to be off a bit as the rest of the statue is good.

Picture wise there was this one I posted when I got The Flash and The Arrow. Looking on my pc I must have missed Supergirl. Will try and remember to get a pic of the three of them together next time the camera is out
arrow flash.JPG


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Time for some pics of the re-arranging the other week.....

The Batman Arkham cabinet tidied up so it just has that line in it now
Batman Arkham Line.JPG

The main Bombshells cabinet after modifying a poster frame at the rear of the bottom shelf
Top of stairs cab.JPG

And the rest of the Bombshells beside the sofa
Bombshells Sofa.JPG

Bowens moved around to here

Some more down here and @Bemused One you can nearly see The Arrow and Supergirl at the side of this cabinet :)

The Red White and Black Harleys, they'll probably not stay here

And the current main view from the sofa

Witchblade at TV.JPG


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And last but not least the unplanned addition with some time of work (too much time on my hands browsing websites) + black friday sales =
Red Sonja 1.JPG

Red Sonja 2.JPG

Red Sonja 3.JPG


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A few quick pics of the latest addition, Gotham City Garage Wonder Woman Statue

And for @Bemused One I lifted out the TV Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash statues for a few quick pictures. They're not as good as DC's comic based statues in my opinion mainly due to the head sculpts, particularly the Arrow one but the outfits and bases are fairly good.


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Hi chaps, Been a while since I checked in on this thread. With all this talk of the Arkham like I thought I’d share my 1/6 line that is steadily growing:



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