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I have a collection of 200ish HD DVDs and I'm working on a policy of watch 1 then sell it on, with the exception of maybe a dozen or so that I like too much to part with and know I will be re-watching.

My question is: Are there some titles that may increase in value because of their rarity (deleted titles etc) and therefore worth holding on to for a bit for a greater return.

It may sound greedy, but I've invested an awful lot of money in my collection and would hate to sell a film for a fiver now, then in 6 months see it worth a lot more.


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I suspect you should look at laserdiscs to give you an idea of how much your hd-dvd will be worth in the future. Most will probably be dirt cheap, but some might be worth a little to a collector. That said if HDDVD/Blu-ray is the last consumer optical format then who knows?


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Taking Lives is an extremely rare title apparently as few as 100 copies were released ;)

Jack Ryan Collection
Bee Movie (if it does really exist)


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Band of Brothers (Japanese). Very hard to come by too as they are out of print. Expensive. Sold as individual volumes to make up the complete set.
Worth it?
I wish I could answer that.
Many WILL say yes!


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by the OP's forum name - you love films , so have you bought alot on impulse and not liked them, or is some now on BR (and a better release)?

I should sell a few of mine because they were impulse buys which I just couldnt get into for one reason or another - however the majority (around 60-HD-DVD's and around 140 BR's) I will keep - or when the time comes replace HD-DVD with BR when each film is released if its a better /cleaner print.

I can understand if its physical space issues etc, but otherwise dont sell at all!!!

(to answer the actual question though - maybe £5 is a little cheap, but I doubt many would be worth much more than that in 6 months to a year+):)


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Jack Ryan collection - still available at Amazon U.S. $69 if any left
Band of Brothers - £100 if you can find it
Rebellion/Equilibrium - $49
& T2 SteelBook is becoming quite expensive these days
Star Trek season 1 HD - Amazon.ce - $49 Canada (£25)

Thats about all of them although most titles are getting hard to find as stocks disapear


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Hello Everyone,
I'm looking forthe Jack Ryan Collection, anybody know where some are.
Price is not a issue.


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Hello Everyone,
I'm looking forthe Jack Ryan Collection, anybody know where some are.
Price is not a issue.

I have it on HD-DVD but not looking to sell (only cost me £30). Wait about 3-4 months as it is most likely to come out on Bluray in the Autumn. It is seriously not worth paying a lot of money for now as the HD-DVD's do not contain any extras (this was why it was recalled as the packaging said extras but the discs do not contain any) although the PQ is excellent as is the sound it is just better to wait a few months as Paramount will most likely make an announcement soon especially considering it was originally due last October on Bluray but cancelled late in the day when they went HD-DVD exclusive.

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