collage of images is it poss ?


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hi i am at present trying to design a web site , i would like to add a collage of images making one image.On the web creater you can upload one image to a certain spot on the web page,i would like to with photoshop elements ? or some thing else make one image out of 16 images like a chess board of small images and then up load them onto my web page as one image . i don,t no if that makes sense it is to get around the web creater only allowing to up load one image in a certain place ,so i though i could make 16 small images into one large image 4 x 4 ? Any help if you can understand what i,m tring to do ? mny thanks graham


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What you are talking about, I think, is something called image slicing.

What you do is create your full size image and then, using the slice tool, cur it all up into smaller pieces. The software then writes HTML code telling the browser how to piece it all together.

To my knowledge Photoshop Elements cannot do this but there are plenty of others that can. Arguably the best one for this job is one called Fireworks which is a dedicated web graphics program.

You do have another alternative depending on the shape of your picture. You could create your one large picture then cut it all up into smaller pieces. Then all you would need to do is to add a table to your web page and add 1 piece to each cell of the table. You would have to make sure that the cell size matched exactly that of the image and that you had no cell padding or spacing and that your table had no borders.



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i think i get what your wanting, but i'll try and anwser two varitations of the Q.

firstly to make the collage i'd used Photoshop and use 16 different layers with the photo on each. This gives you the flexabilty of being able to edit and mvoe each square individually.

if you are wanting an image map, whereby u can click on a section of the image and it will take you to another page the best software to use in my experiance is mapedit. it can be found at

hope that helps

if you have any Qs about the above just post and i'll try my best to anwser. been a while since i've done the image maps thou!



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Don't know if this is what you mean. Sorry if it looks a bit rough, just wanted to see if thats what you're talking about


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Hi yes keeney boy thats exacually what i mean but yours is 2 x4 i wanted a 4 x 4 how did you do it and is it one image ?
Many thanks to everybody else .....g


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It is one image and it's very easy done. I don't have photoshop. But if anything could do that, photoshop could. I used MGI photosuite4.You can do 4x4 10x10 or any other number.

As i don't have photoshop i could not advice you on how to do it using that program, but i'm sure one of the guys could. But if you send me the images via email.,i'll do it for you no problem. Or get photosuite and i'll take you through it

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