Coliseum help?


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Does anyone fancy giving me a hand with the Coliseum, or if not giving me some good tips? I'm rubbish at it :D best score of 14000 with a multiplier of 7 and 2 chickens kicked :(


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i got 20,000 on my first try just now im getting lower.. still need to practice i think,, but lovely experience though lol

try using level 5 Inferno or Shock area affect spells for loads of enemys near you, when yor going for a WILL flip switch use the area affect next to it inted of targeting , for meele weapon use a fast attack sword (Master Cutlass , Master Katana Ect) with 2 augment slots, i have on my master cutlass Ghoul Augment & Lucky Charm Augment,

hope this helps

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I used Time spell slot 3 as this slows down not just the enemies but the game clock also. Same weapon as BlackCammeh, Master Katana with Ghoul and Lucky Charm!


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finally kiled the necromacer with 1 second spare :smashin:

i used a

Master Katana - Ghoul and Lucky Charm Augments
Master Fintlock Rifle
Will spells in order of Level

1 - time control
2 - shock
3 - shock
4 - shock
5 - shock

experiment with this setup as it can be good if you practice:S ive done the coliseum like 12/13 times finally done it for the gamerscore now


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Level 3 and 5 time spell and level 4 inferno. Start immediately with a level 3, then level 5 straight away.

Level 4 inferno then level 5 time, rinse and repeat, only stopping to do the flit switches (Used inferno for levels 1 and 2 for will flit switches). The level 3 time spell is good for when you have just hit a flit switch so that it gives you more time to cast a level 5 time spell, if that makes sense? :thumbsup:

Oh, and i always use the Diachi for everything. Can't remember which gun i used but as long as it's quick it shouldn't matter.

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