Colds/flu since Covid-19


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Point made today by someone was can I remember the last time I knew someone that has had a cold/flu since Covid-19 showed it's ugly face in the UK and I had to say that I cannot (sadly lost a good friend to Covid recently)

My OH and her family suffer a colds up to 3-5 times a year, but as of today have not had anything at all and not usual reports from an uncle or distant aunt suffering from a cold.

Same for you, or not and could this show how we should carry on in future (hopefully Covid-19 leaves) with masks in public, better hygiene and being more aware.
My heart goes out to you for the loss of your dear friend. I used to get colds four or five times per year and haven't had any likely because I have not been visting coffee shops and also as you say hygiene and self awareness has improved thanklfully. I am the only one not to get covid amongst my aunts and cousins and I think it is because I have been using sinusoothe nose spray every singkle day without fail. I use this to relieve nasal congestion and it is powerfulo stuff! I am convinced that flushing out your sinuses prevents colds and flues etc. and the ingredients in this wiuld kill anything I reckon.


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I had a mild cold last Sept after son went back to schoool. As normal.
I too think the less social interactions and better hygiene has helped this past year.

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