Cold Pursuit (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 24/06/2019

Status: Available to Pre-order



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I'm still waiting for the Muppets Taken.


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Saw this last night, not going to lie, wish I'd stayed home. It was god awful.

Envision a film student who seems to fancy himself a Tarantino, trying to make a tongue in cheek satire (at least i hope that's what he was trying to make) about mobsters and Indians in the snow.. then chucked in a lukewarm liam neeson (10% taken, 90% please tell studiocanal to stop casting me) for the sheer hell of it. Ouch.

Jim Di Griz

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I note Empire magazine gave it 4/5....

And then I realised they must have written the article and given the score before a certain recent event. Empire is rather PC and I'm guessing they might not have reviewed it at all had they known. Good magazine this month actually - hardly any superhero crap and it was a good read. Ill bet its back to normal next month though.


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a 4/5... seriously... i like liam neeson, questionable tweet or not, but a 4/5 this was not :rotfl:


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Adequately sums up this joke of a film. The worst thing I've seen in the cinema in recent memory.

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