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Jul 8, 2004
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I want to install neon / cold cathode lighting behind my AV kit. The only cold cathode kits I can find are ones from Maplin and are for the use on computers.
Could so one please tell me how I would connect this up without a PC.


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From another thread:

These are blue cold cathode tubes from Maplins. They're designed to go inside PC cases for those who like to mod their PC cases.

You get one cc tube along with a little transformer that powers two cc tubes - just buy another tube to make a pair. This transformer takes a 12v supply from either car or computer, so you need another mains transformer if you want to run it off the mains. Maplins do lots of mains transformers, just check the volts and amps spec on the back of the cc tube packaging, and then select a mains transformer with a matching output to suit the little transformer for the tubes. The you can just solder the wires together. Hope that makes sense ???

You need a 12v 400mA supply for the tubes, and the mains transformer I got from maplins is a 12v 500mA supply, which seems to work perfectly. Mains transformer gets a little warm, so I don't put the lights on very often, usually only to wow visitors :D has a big range of cold cathode tubes in various colours and sizes for use in a PC. I have previously used the 4 inch ones for PC modding, and would certainly reccomend them to anyone. Could easily be set up for your AV kit using the instructons in the previous post.

Oh, yeah, more importantly, Ebuyer is dirt cheap!! :thumbsup:


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