Coffee and new Macbook


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The tile says it all...........:eek: and it's only 90 days old

Have dried it out but the screen backlight appears to have gone, it boots up etc.....I also understand that the new macbook has spill sensors so.......

If i send it back to apple they are more than likely going to discover the coffee, black with 2 sugars under the keyboard and quote for a repair and void the warranty including my apple care:rolleyes: Is that right?

Or is it best to go down the house insurance route....or any other options?

Any suggestion apprectied on this dark day :thumbsdow

A n d r e w

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black with 2 sugars
The lack of milk is good, but is more than cancelled out by the two sugars. You probably know this already. Weaning yourself off the sugar might help in future. :D


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Thanks for the replies!

I have not yet recovered from my loss and two words to sum it up........annus horribilus

It looks like it will be the house insurance route then, all being well will find out tomorrow if they are covering it.

What I can report is that time machine did its job with 4 mins to spare before said cup parted from hand. Even Entouage was up to date and easy to fire back up on my imac.

Fingers crossed and back to that darken room.


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when did this happen? the first thing you should have done is disconnect any power sources, tipped the macbook upside down (with the screen open) and taken the battery out. you many need to leave it to dry out for a few days. you can also open it up and clean it with an alcohol based solution (can't remember which is best off the top of my head) which should help evaporate any remaining water.

you should not turn it on (despite being tempted) for a good couple of days, maybe even more.

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