Codes for Toshiba RD XS30



Anyone know of any codes to allow

1. Writing to CD-R (would really like this)
2. Disable copy protection (could do with this)
3. Make multi-region (not really bothered as I buy R2 anyway, but if its easy....)

on my Toshiba RD XS30 DVD recorder?


Think you be better getting a mod to move this thread to either DVD Players or PVRs (TiVo), VCRs and other video recorders & media, forums.
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Moved to DVD players.


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1. It is a DVD burner not a combi drive so this will not be possible.

2. Huge legal issues with this one, a lot more so than multiregion, so you will probable need some sort of intermediate device to remove the copy protection from the source you are wanting to copy.

3. Not aware of one as yet, I have tried the Toshiba SD-330 multiregion software with no joy, but will keep looking.


But it plays CDs, so I sort of guessed that it might be possible to write to them?

If its necessary to list one's 'equipment', here goes:

Musical Fidelity A300 dual mono integrated amp (bass driver), Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR dual mono power amp (mid and treble), KEF Reference 4 speakers, Shanling CDT-100 valve CD, Project Perspective, Sumiko Blue Point Special: bent, using Denon DL110 :-( , Ear 834p Phono stage, home made interconnects and speaker cables (CAT5 network cable).

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