Codeefree and/or Macrovision off for this Players - plz help -

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Player Multiregion Hacks' started by Glamorgirly, Nov 7, 2004.

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    hello @all :hiya:

    i´m a new one here, come from Germany and cant speak so good english :rolleyes: . I hope you understand me a bit and can help me too.

    My Brother Lose his job :( and we search for small things with he can make some money. We have many friends with DVD Recorders and Players, so he can take 5 Euro for make one Player codefree or macrovision off.

    Now we need you. We know that all information in www must be free. But think about losing your job and we dont make money with this, only for friends only without busniess like some other and he needs really your all help. And latest one is, that most guyse arround world, dont belive other gusys that say "ok, i can make it" This one takes with your help many money. Or Shop who tooks 20-40 or more Euro for an Information from www.

    I write true to you, because i think you should know all about our (his) Problem.

    And sorry about my bad english. Please dont be lame, help :lease: or help not. If you want you can mail me your Firmwares, Tuts and other, So your name doesnt called if you not want.

    I thank :thumbsup: you in my and my brothers name.

    btw. maybe i post this post in some days in another board too, just to see which one helps more.

    We need for This Player Codefree (region) and Mac. Off
    If possible in german, bu eng is well too

    Yamakawa DVD-375
    Panasonic DMR-E85HEG
    Panasonic DMR-E85H
    Yamada DVR-8000
    Philips DVDR 80
    Sony DVP-S525D
    Pioneer DV-535
    AMW P80L
    Elta 8882 und 8883

    sorry about my bad english, i ll try

    greetings and have a nice start in the new week

    My adress

    [email protected]

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