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Having read a lot on this forum and others, I have come to the conclusion that both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are potentially great formats. All of the bugs people have written about so far, will eventually get corrected, and better software and hardware will come out. Still there is a topic that I find important, but which I rarely see discussed. Codecs.

Having listened to a debate over at Major Nelson at Microsoft, concerning the two formats, I started playing around with the thought of Blu-Ray discs with VC-1 coded content, not with the current, less efficient MPEG-2. The day this happens, and both the stablity of the BD50 and the pricepoint becomes satisfactory, I think HD-DVD will have some serious competition.

Right now, I'm sitting on the fence, waiting to purchase either format until both are released worldwide. The PS3 will definately boost the sales of Blu-Ray content, as gamers, once they have the new console, will begin to appreciate the added functionality of the machine.

That said, the external HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360 will also make an impact, at least if it's cheap enough. Still, I think the thought of having to pay extra for a movie-only periphial might loose over a built in one, ready out-of-the-box.

Currently, I am most impressed with HD-DVD, but not to the extent that I foolishly and prematurely would announce it to be the winner.

In the end, what it all comes down to is price and content, with content being the key factor.
Most of Sony's own releases so far have been s**te, with such movies as Ultraviolet, Benchwarmers, Stealth etc. Tell me, what good is better studio support, if the movies selling the format are from the bottom of the barrel? Studios have to start being a bit more sceptical concerning what they choose to attract us buyers. Right now, HD-DVD also have some bad movies, but not nearly as bad as Blu-Ray. I know this is just my opinion, but many of you know what I mean.

With all the success the DVD has had with additional content on the discs, often real gems for us movie lovers, in the form of commentary tracks, making of, gag reels etc, seeing the first batch of Blu-Ray content was shocking. Not even a trailer? Come on!

Also worth mentioning, now that we have improved technology, compared with SD-DVD, is the lack of 'new' features. I see that HD-DVD have some exclusive content, previously unreleased, but not nearly enough.

This is apparently a war of formats, yet the effort put into it on either side, is highly questionable. I am not impressed so far, and I know I'm not the only one.

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twocars said:
In the end, what it all comes down to is price and content, with content being the key factor.
Exactly and if Toshiba weren't so desperate to get the HD-A1 out to the masses the price between HD-DVD and BD would be negligible.

Content will win the day and I believe studios are only just warming up for the main battle this Christmas. Then we'll have the likes of Fox coming out in full support of BD.


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I'd like one of these:D

Its a shame there has to be a war, at the end of the day its us that lose out.If sony had not made this about 'face' then i'm sure they would have used VC-1 and even with just 25GB discs would have the same images/audio as HD-DVD right now.


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What is the likelyhood of Sony switching from mpeg2 to VC-1? It would make sense to change but i'm guessing they wont. At the moment they're squeezing movies onto a 25gig disc- which i would imagine is tricky to do with mpeg2. Once movies start coming out on BD50 disc's i'm sure the quality will improve.

Sony being a lil sneaky proclaiming Blu-Rays high disc capacity to the consumer as a plus over HDDVD. :rolleyes:

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