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Codec format for SDHC card in Panasonic TV


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I have bought a panasonic TH42PZ81B tv and i want to make the best use of the SD card slot.

I have searched the forum but cant find anywhere the same question.

Can i play downloaded movies on the TV by transfering them to the SDHC card first.

I have tried various movies of differing codecs (apart from AVCHD as i cant find any in this format, nor can i convert to this format as i cant find any apps that do the conversion)

Does anyone know if i can play any downloaded movies and if so what format and codec do i have to have them converted to? I have tried MPEG 1,2 and 4, avi etc. Maybe have the wrong codec or using the wrong app to do the conversion. I can view photos which i have transfered but none of the videos

I'm hoping that the slot is not just useful for taking SD cards from Panasonic camcorders.



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Are there any software converters (preferably free) that convert to AVCHD? i can find plenty that convert from but none that convert to.


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I believe Nero can create AVCHD disks so it may be worth trying out. Of course Nero isn't free, but the amount of software out there to convert to AVCHD is fairly limited so at least its a start. I've never used this feature myself, so I have no idea how well it works though!

I'm sure you'll find that the most common source of AVCHD files are HD camcorders - so unless you're downloading someone else's 'home movies' it's not likely that you'll find much videos/movies on the net in that format. It's pretty obvious that this card slot has been designed solely to allow you to play back your home videos from your HD camcorder - not as a flexible/multi-format media playback device.

If it's SD material you have, say in .xvid format I'd forget the hassle of converting all your files and just buy a DVD player with DivX support - you can get them fairly cheap these days.
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Thanks Stevie,

I'm coming to the conclusion that i should be better off just buying a Panasonic DVD/PVR player and just using that to play the movies ...

Thanks for the advice i might give nero one last go just to see if i can do it, but will end up buying the player going forward


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You can get bbc hd ts files into AVCHD format by following a modified version of the steps here:

Digital Spy Forums - View Single Post - Fortec star Passion + play files on PC?

You won't need the first one unless you file is in pieces for some reason (it's a quirk of the receiver in question). For the tsMuxergui step, choose 'create blu ray disk' rather than m2ts. This gives you a folder with a blu ray structure which you can open in ImgBurn and write to a dvd (which plays in a ps3), or create an ISO. I don't know how you would get from there to a card but it looks like you do. You need an 8GB card for an hour.

All the apps are free and easily found.

Still, a heck of a lot of work! :eek:

If you mean a SD to HD converter I think the reason they are rare or don't exist is that there aren't many situations where it would be useful.

PS show has to be recorded in non-freesat mode or it's encrypted, and thinking about it you probably can't do this on the pz81! Sorry. Still, this may be of use to someone.
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