Code for 747 to MR? and RGB bad picture?


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Like the DV888 of joust has the 747 got a code to put into the machine to make it MR.
Also with the picture being better when the scart is placed into the normal socket than in the RGB one is this a problem with anyone elses 747? Or could it be a faulty machine.
I,m sorry to keep throwing in all these threads everywhere I,m just trying to clear all my problems with this new equip.

Your help is much appreciated, and definataly needed.,



Haven't we already covered this one?
Unless the machine was purchased as multi region there is no code that can be entered to make it so.
Because Pioneer are part of the DVD Consortium they cannot make machines there are hackable out of the box,the only way to get one to play multi region is to purchase one that has been modified either by chipping or a firmware upgrade to the player.
Is the machine being connected with a RGB capable scart,is the TV set to the correct AV input for RGB,usually AV1 if there are only 2 scart sockets,is the scart on the DVD player the RGB one,is it set to output RGB from this scart.
Like before it is probably best to contact the people you purchased from to determine exactly what you have got in terms of the players multi region abilities.
If it turns out the player is region2 only,most likely from what you describe,then you will have to pay for the player to be modded for multi region.
This MAY inturn invalidate any warranty depending on what is done to the player.
I have a had a quick look on the Techtronics website for reference and they are asking £65+vat for modding this player.


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Yes we did cover this early on, just seen something else and hoped it just migght work.
The tv is set to av1 which is RGB, and if the scart is connected to the dvd socket the picture is distorted at the top. The lead was £45, so the lead is ok.
This is true, the Hitachi 505 I sold had a better picture.
I know I,ve said before but I,m totally pi.... off. I will phone tomorow to see if its the machine fault.
I wish someone would reply that has already got a 747 so i would know if their machine is the same or if there machine set up is different to mine, cant see that though has I have tried surely every option.

Well any way see what tomorrow brings,

Thanks anyway for keep helping


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