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COD5 Patch tonight?


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could you post the info in here as i can't get onto the web site. It's blocked (DAM work server).


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could you post the info in here as i can't get onto the web site. It's blocked (DAM work server).

Just got Fallout 3 yesterday, but looks like I will be playing this at the weekend!

Double-XP for The Big Game this weekend!

In lieu of the festivities which will no-doubt keep most of you in front of your TV's all weekend, we've decided to initiate yet another weekend of Double-XP Jan 30 – Feb 1 to compliment The Big Game!

Not only will you be receiving Double-XP, but we're introducing two new playlists to the Xbox 360 and PS3 by popular request: Team Tactical (4v4) and Mercenary TDM (no parties allowed)! Team Tactical will pit two teams of four against each other in a random rotation of all the Team-Based gametypes.

It all starts tomorrow morning PST (Friday the 30th)

Thanks for the great suggestions on those playlists, and keep 'em coming in the Forums. We'll see you online!

Regards, -JD (Go Cardinals)
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we're introducing two new playlists to the Xbox 360 and PS3 by popular request

I would have thought that "fix all the :censored: glitches and bugs" woud have been the most popular request. :confused:

Maybe they'll give us some more flashy colour clantag thingies too.


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"the big game"? Is it the FA Cup final? :rotfl:

No surely its the Liverpool - Chelsea game...

Come on the blues :clap::thumbsup::D :suicide:

Your both wrong its Newcastle Vs The Red and White *****

Bring on that double XP!

Can anybody explain how TEAM TACTICAL works?

If its the same as COD4 then Its 4 vs 4 In games of either S&D, Team Deathmatch and HQ/Domination. (Not sure if it was one or other)


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TT...Didn't know thats there was one on COD4

so this patch will sort out all the glitches and dancing names ect.

Because just giving us D points and a few more game modes won't make up for it.


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:clap: - I see we have signed Kevin Nolan..

Anyway, back on topic.. COD5 is s**t :D


Yeah 4 Million not a bad price for a decent player.
Supposedly Wigans Ryan Taylor close to signing too. (i'd buy him just to stop him scoring against us)

Ty the more the merrier buddy. We'll need it in the Championship lol.

Back to the update.

I really loved TT on COD4 its all i mainly played with friends. So lets hope its a big update which sorts alot of connection issues, glitches and bloody rainbow names.
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In the Army mate.
I live in Liverpool with the Missus. Work in Winchester and Come from Newcastle.

Now thats just messed up. lol.

**** mate your all ower the shop! Didn't know you were in the army but had my suspicions! my brothers in the 59 commmandos - never see the lil sh*t as he's always right down south or wherever.

A mate of mine owned Turbotrax records (milla) in Gateshead (hightstreet) - went for a drink round there - rough as !! Got a pal with a record shop in pennywell Sunderland which is ropey as well lol!

Bloody northeners lol!
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