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COD5 - Dogs..


Active Member
I think they are a brilliant idea, i find them pretty easy to kill with a bar and knifing them, only ever been killed by one and have killed about 10 so far. Also they get you a LOT of kills, easily get 5 each set you call out, and you can normally follow them and get an easy kill on the person they are trying to get lol. Also love the barking noises, especially on a dark map, really creeps you out!

Tommy Teapot

Well-known Member
hehe the dogs are hilarious, i giggle like a school girl when im being chased!! dolby digital helps as you can pin point where the dogs are coming from, woof woof woof!! :clap:


Active Member
I think the dogs perk is a great idea and agree it rings back a fear factor and a much welcome change from the chopper. :smashin::smashin:


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:thumbsup:CriminalRP it is a active demo where you can play on-line multiplay to give you a sneak peak at whats to come when cod5 comes out in november


Well-known Member
less annoying as the chopper ! and u can knife the demon beasties, I honestly think they call these demon dogs from the pits of hell or something ! :rotfl:


Active Member
do the dogs tend to go for the point leader?

In cod4 the chopper would always go straight for anybody with a decent K/D ratio.

i hope they don't as it really annoys me when you are on a good streak and you get killed by the chopper, and again and again.

Glad you get points for the dog kills, annoyed me a bit when you spent time shooting in the air for no points gain.


Well-known Member
I think the dogs are great but I've had to bite my tongue once or twice when they're released in close succession by folks getting 7 kill streaks.

I've managed a few times to hide from them. If you crouch down in a secluded spot they run straight past you for the guy in the open. On the Roundhouse map with all the train carriages, I've hidden in a carriage and a dog lept in the opening on one side and went straight out the opening on the opposite side leaving me alone. I've even had a dog look at me then run off for someone else who was obviously easy prey. The dogs don't like dead ends so that's the best place to hide if you have trouble killing them. It also helps as you can shoot them easily if they do approach.

Maybe it's just my girly screams hurting their hearing so they run off :rotfl:


Active Member
I'm another fan of the dogs :thumbsup: Much better than the choppers too as you actually get a chance of killing them and you get points for it.

But the few times I've released dogs I've not got one kill :thumbsdow


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I think they are a fantastic idea and a lot of fun both to use and to shoot! Like already mentioned, at least you get points for each one you kill.

I found the chopper in COD4 far far more annoying, which basically spelt certain death for anyone in the open. Even more annoying was when you thought you were safely in a building, then get shot through a nearby window at an impossible angle by the chopper.

At least with the dogs you know when you are safe and when you are not.


Active Member
Nah dogs dont go in the water mate, i think they are ok, the barking gets annoying but you have more chance to survive than with the chopper

The thing that annoys me is the bombs that go off with 5 kills, the noise is so annoying!


Active Member
:rotfl:Yea. Was good to see ya fighting away kimi last night. I was on that long. Thought ya shot me at one point ha

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