COD: WAW - Which map pack(s) suggest?


Hi there,

ive not yet bought any of the 3 map packs for WAW, but ive now got enough MS points to buy 2 of the packs. Im not sure which ones to buy though? Can someone advise? Thanks!


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Definitely map packs 2 and 3.

The zombie games and multiplayer maps are better in those :smashin:


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Good question. I was just about to purchase my first map pack too...Spooky eh ?,,,,

Not really I know ;)


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I agree about map packs 2 & 3.......... if not only because I can't remember what map pack 1 was!:eek:


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all of them if you want to play AVF without getting booted;):D:smashin:

If me tho' I'd not bother and save yur money towards MW2 in NOV
WAW MP will just be kids & Yorkshiremen frustrated at having to wait til' Xmas to get MW2;)


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Yep, all map packs are recommended if you want to stay in the game when the maps cycle. I used to only have map pack 1 and got kicked numerous times.


Thanks for your comments everyone. I ended up downloading Map packs 2 and 3. Had a quick goes on them last night, good fun. I'll be up for some WaW on friday night after 9pm if anyone wants? Add me. Thank you.

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