Cod 4 Beta Testers


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well this game feels like CS Source, rather than RSV, but its good and fast... so far enjoying the beta


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Has anyone tried to play this recently?

I tried two games and through both it kept flashing up 'Connection Interrupted' then disconnects straight away.


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I too get the sense it plays more like CS/BF than previous CODs, which isn't a bad thing. So far I am loving it, didn't really buy into the last 2 COD games but I will be picking this up for sure, I can see how deep the multiplayer can go with perks, create a class, challeneges etc.

tony kop77

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If I go into Game tomorow and pre-order will I get the beta code for this game and how long does it last for?


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I found out last night by reading one of the loading screen tips you can quick activate any c4 you laid by double clicking on the reload button whilst having your rifle equipped. Tried it out today and its great. Got quite a few kills by boobytrappin hot spots or door entrances and places where people might try to sneak up on me to stab me in the back :)

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