Cocktail Audio X14 will not import and convert audio files!


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I cannot get my Cocktail Audio X14 to record and convert cassette tape files via the Analogue In sockets, as suggested in the User Manual.

The X14 shows that audio is being recorded but the resulting file located in the Browser is shown as a CAF file, although the Manual states that this should be a WAV file.

I tag edit the file and convert to FLAC when adding to my Music Database. This file appears to load onto the DB and shows as a FLAC file, 192 Khz.

I assume that this is a digital file, but when I try to play the tracks via my HUGO2 DAC (optical output), I get no sound whatever, although the screen suggests that the tracks are playing.

I have tried the process numerous times with different tape cassette players but the result is always the same: the Hugo2 does not recognise any digital file and I get no sound output. All other files in my Music DB (ripped from CDs) play perfectly well through the Hugo2.

I cannot find any solution to this problem on-line. Can anyone suggest what may be going wrong?


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Hi, Glad to say the problem is resolved and was due to a faulty Optical cable which did not seat properly into the Optical Out socket of the X14. It all goes to show that the solutions to problems are often the most obvious!!

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