Cockfighter (Monte Hellman, Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton, US Blu-ray, April 2022)


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UPC: 826663223200

A great American film from Monte Hellman. Sadly never seen the light of day in the UK as it's been banned by the English privately run censor.

A great cast too has always meant I've had a soft spot for it. Written by Charles Willeford (Miami Blues).

I have the Japanese Blu-ray (looks great) but I'll buy this at some stage to support the release (although Shout! seem to be limiting it to 1500 copies via their site only). The old US DVD had:

Audio commentary with director Monte Hellman and production assistant Steven Gaydos
"Warren Oates: Across the Border" 1993 documentary (53:49)
Trailer (2:35)
TV spot (0:28)
Radio spots (x2)

..which seem missing. I'm sure my Blu-ray also has 16:9 and 4:3 version too.

Roger Corman didn't like the name so:



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This will never be uncut in the UK, the cockfighting is brutal. Without the fights, it is a strange little movie that I'd say has limited appeal anyway.


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It is an American mini-classic for me.

I never knew what cockfighting [as seen here] was exactly (just thought it was a couple of angry chickens) but it's way beyond that obviously. I couldn't have imagined it due to ignorance (it's banned) so in that sense the film had some purpose there for people who want to ban it. Better to see this stuff and decide for ourselves or in front of a jury.

Not a lot of folk know this, but coup d'état leader Trump actually banned cockfighting in the final non-contiguous territories.

I see the Japan release of the Blu-ray has has some negative comments -a load of crap, it looks great.


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Looks like photos may be the closet I get to this with silly prices:



I'll just keep my Japanese disc which I've frankensteined with the old Anchor Bay DVD.

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