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At the moment I have a coaxial cable running from a rooftop aerial down to a lounge outlet that feeds a TV with freeview box. I want a seperate outlet elsewhere for another TV with Freeview. I can cut into the coaxial in the loft and fit a Y splitter, then run the coaxial down to the second TV. Would it be better to join the coaxial directly to the aerial and run it down? I've read on here about the loss incurred with connections and how you should have as few as possible, but is it really noticable? If so what would be the best Y splitter and cable joints to use, or should the cable be connected straight to the aerial by changing the connection box up there for one with two connectors inside? Any advice would be appreciated.

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It depends how strong your original signal is. I've used 'f' type coax splitters that claim a 3.5db loss on each leg and caused no obvious problems.
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