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I'm trying to connect my Logitech Z-5400 5.1 speakers to my pc sound card Creative Audigy 2 ZS. The outputs on the speakers are: 2x optical digital, 1x coaxial digital, and analogue. My soundcard outputs in only analogue, or coaxial digital, so the obvious choice is buy a coaxial cable as it wasn't supplied.

The other day I bought a Monster interlink digital 100 coaxial cable, I plugged the cable into the speaker box fine, and tried on the soundcard, but it felt a little loose, like it was the wrong cable, the port was marked ‘digital out'. Not surprisingly no sound plays, what have I missed? Did I buy the wrong cable or something?



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Well,the first mistake was buying Monster,were you talked into buying it and how much did you pay?you should have tried a bog standard phono lead to see if it worked first.

Hold on a sec,that cable is an optical cable not coaxial.


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£13 for a 0.5m digital cable :eek:

A 50 pence phono lead would sound identical.

Anyway, I don't have an Audigy but I thought that some had 3.5mm jacks for digital out. Are you sure that it is a phono connector? If it is it is usually coloured black or yellow.

If a headphone connector fits snuggly then you have the wrong lead.

Post a photo of your soundcard connections if you are not sure.


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I thought the digital out on the sound card was to fit a toslink on the end of an optical cable?


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