coaxial cable and analog cable at the same time?


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Hi there
I was wondering if anyone could help I have Toshiba Blu-Ray player connected to an Dolby Digital amp, not HD. I have used the coaxial cable to connect for digital sound. I have found it works with BR discs and I am guessing it uses a higher bit rate sound signal than DVD and uses DTS as I think this is what it did on my old HD-DVD player. The problem I have found though is that it effects the pro-logic on a dvd. So if the dvd is Dolby stereo or the menus on the DVD are stereo, it now plays up. The sound some times comes only from the middle speaker or the sound is coming out the rear speakers when it is not suppose to, the sound will produce the same sound through all four speakers. This for some reason does not happen all of the time. Now I don't know why it coursed this but I have decided not to use the amp with digital sound when playing BR discs, only when I play a DVD. But I was thinking, I could just use the analog phono cables when using the amp, at least I would have surround sound, being it pro-logic. I just wanted to make sure if it was OK to have the digital cable and the analog cable pugged in the amp at the same time and is it ok to use analog sound when the disc is producing HD sound? Also if anyone else has experience the sound playing up after using the DTS Blu-Ray, do they know why this happens? Maybe the amp just cant handle the HD sound on the disc? Some time soon I am going to get a HD amp but for now I want to carry on using the Dolby Digital amp.
thanks for any help
The Ray-Player is Toshiba BD21100KB and the amp an old Teac AG-10D


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This problem sounds like an audio setting problem on the BR player. Have you tried the various options available? Your player should be 'down-mixing' the digital audio stream if you're using a co-ax connection, not HDMI, so I think that you have the audio setting for the co-ax output set incorrectly.

Having analogue and digital connections links in use at the same time won't cause any problems, but the best audio that you'll ever achieve via the analogue cable is Dolby Pro-Logic, generated by the amp. That's a waste of time, IMHO.

You need to check-out the settings on the BR player - something isn't set-up correctly.



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Thanks for the rieply Clem Dye
Your write I want get very good sound being Pro-Logic but I cant see what else I can do. I dont think the Blu-Ray player is on the wrong setting. The settings go like this,
Spdif - Bitstream, PCM, Reencode and off.
I have set on Bitstream, I think thats the write one for dolby digital? If it was Dolby HD I would put it on PCM, I think thats correct? If I put PCM with Dolby Digital then I just get stereo. As for Reencode not sure whats thats for, could anyone tell me? Is it OK to put it on Reenode, maybe thats the write setting? There is the same settings for the HDMI as well. I have set that on PCM, the HDMI is going to the TV so not sure what the HDMI setting should be on, sort of took a guess. Is that the correct setting to have HDMI connected to the TV?
If its OK to have both connections in the same amp, analog and digital then I will go for that for now as I dont want the problem to get worse.
Thanks for any help
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