Coaxial audio cable


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Is there any way of telling a coaxial cable from ordinary RCA cable apart from the thickness.

I have just got round to connecting up my Onkyo TX-SR506 receiver for surround sound after only using it for five years for stereo sound with my Brennan JB7.

The surround works fine so now I need to connect my CD player, CD recorder, Tape Deck and Turntable to the Onkyo.

I have an assortment of cables which are all quite thick with gold coloured RCA type ends. I am presuming these are coaxial. Should they work OK if I use them to connect between the ordinary (analogue?) ports on my Onkyo to my CD etcetera.

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Joe Fernand

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Most cable stock with have a manufacturers product or part code stamped on the cable - use that to track its Spec and capabilities.



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It turns out only two of them are digital coaxial cables. Both Cambridge audio 75 ohm.

I should have realised the others are not digital because they are conjoined pairs - 3 sets of IXOS 104.

Thanks again for your help
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