Coaxal from audigy



i want to connect my Audigy 2 soundcard to my digital amp a normal coaxal cable dosent fit into the digtal out ,terminal is to small What cable do i need.
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You will need a 3.5mm Spdif optical --- to Toslink optical.


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or if you want to use the coaxal instead of optical you will need a 3.5mm mono jack to RCA adapter


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Maplin RW04E product code. from here.

The anoying thing is that they are only 99p to buy but the postage is over £2.00 :rolleyes:


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One thing to be aware of is that the Creative card won't output more than 2.1 digital sound with this method to anything other than Creative's own speakers. I discussed this more completely (and somewhat unclearly, I must admit) in another thread in this topic (Soundblaster Digital, I believe).

If you want to have full surround, then use the optical or standard phono digital outputs (only on the platinum or platinum ex, I think) and set your DVD player software to S/PDIF passthrough. Even with this, you will only get sound from DVD movies.

I wish that Creative had put real-time Dolby encoding into their cards, like NVidia did with their motherboard sound chipset.

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