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Coax to Fuji 58?


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Is there any way?

Looks like ive finally got the green light to buy the panel but im going to have to await until Christmas for an amp and SkyHD :rolleyes:

The panel will be wall mounted, but not channelled into the wall until i've got all my kit, and at the moment the TV input into our existing CRT is coax from the Sky box downstairs with a magic eye which I will have to keep until SkyHD is installed.

Any way of conecting this straight to the panel?

And how safe am I using hifi speakers wired to the panel until Christmas because I cant afford amp & speakers until Christmas....

I've done well to talk the missus into letting me buy early, dont tell me im going to fail because I cant get TV on it without more kit !!!!


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not sure about the connections on that panel but if you are running sky rf through a panel taht size its going to look [email protected]

if you cant move your sky box eaht about a multi room install so you can feed some rgb to the panel

as for speakers check the impedance of the output from the panel, most hifi speaker are eight ohms, i would imagine that the panel output will be either 4 6 or 8 ohms in which case 8 ohm hifi speaker will be ok.

the basic rule of thumb is dont fit speakers with a lower impedance than the output driving them or you will over load the output stage


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Hutch basically an RF feed will look utter pants a £30 freeview box (which could be fed off exosting coax if aerial goes into sky STB) could be used. This will give you your main none sky TV at a decent PQ. ( i would rconmend a decent FV box with S-video output)

Thats your best bet matey (if you must must have sky via RF it will require another box anyway but will look crap!)


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Looks like a £30 freeview box may be a good low cost idea until I get HD installed.

Cheers chaps :thumbsup:

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