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First time poster here. So when the cable company first installed service when my grandparents bought their house in 2000, they threw everything in the crawlspace and drilled up through the floor to run the cables into the house. No wall plates, just a hole in the floor and carpet. Now I am living with my grandma to help her out as she is almost 90. I went in the crawlspace and the cables are still a mess, most of which are laying in the dirt (see photos). My question is: is the amplifier necessary? Am I better off pulling out what I can and running it all through the attic. I'm thinking of running CAT6 up there anyhow. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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Whether the cable feed coming into the building needs attenuating or adjusting is only something a Virgin Media installer can determine. They measue the signal and add attenuator or signal boosters accordingly.

Cat5 would be used to convet ethernat LAN signal to and from your SuperHub. The SuperHub is a modem/router and need a cable feed from outpide in rder for it to be able to access the internet. The same coax feed coming into the building carries both internet and cable TV. This is split to allow a feed to your SuperHub as well as a feed to your cable TV box or boxes.

There's ordinally a surge protector between where the coax come into the building and your STVB and SuperHub. There'll also be a splitter to facilitate a coax feed to your SuperHub and cable TV box from the same coax feed that comes into the building.

Cat ethernet cable would only be used between your router and the devices you access your LAN and the internet with.

Virgin Media don't give customers any rights to mess with any of the cabling prior to your SuperHub or your TV STB. If you need the coax feed moving or replacing then you should vontact Virgin Media to come do a site survey and test your signal levels.
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A bit pointless posting in a forum concerning Virgin Media cable then.
To be fair the forum title starts with “Cable TV” and since most of the US is reliant on Cable it seems the most appropriate place for it...that coupled with the fact a lot of US posters don’t realise this is a UK-based forum.


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Anyway, I've no idea as to how cable TV is fascilitated in the US? I'd imagine that it would be very similar to how it is done here in the UK though? You;d still need someone from the cable company you get your service via to ascertain the signal strength and determine whether attentuators or bossters are required. I'd also suggest that the cable feed won't be conveyed via cat cabling and will still more than likely be via coax from the point the feed enters your home to the cable TV STB and or the modem/router.

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