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Dec 11, 2002
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Sorry if this has been asked before, but do any of you good people know if any Xbox Live enabled games allow co-op play.

One of my mates and myself enjoy playing through the levels in Halo in co-op mode, and since we both have Live, we think it would be a good laugh to be able to do this online.

Preferably I would like to play a FPS, but I would welcome all suggestions of any games that have this feature.

Thanks in advance



xbox live gamertag - kahunabob
rainbow3 6 has co-op
and i think counterstrike has
If you mean two seperate Xbox's then as Derek has answered but add the superb Ghost Recon Island Thunder.
If just from the same Xbox then as Captain's answer.

Thanks for the answers, but just to clarify, Rainbow Six & Ghost Recon both offer co-op play. on Xbox Live, correct ?

Also, can you switch the view on these games to play in first person view, or are they third person view only ?


Recon and R6 do co-op via Live and both of these are 1st person mate.
Many thanks for the replies - better get ordering these from play then !!!
Well if you are going to buy them then you can pick them up at a decent price second hand in places like Game or Gamestation. Especially GRIT, because it was only £15 new from most online retailers, and I have seen them for around about £6 used.

None of these games have split-screen co-op. I think there's some confusion here - they allow you to play co-operatively with other Live players, but they only support a single player per Xbox
Yep Mr B is right. 1 person per xbox only. Sorry thats what I thought you meant.
That's OK, I want to play co-op with another Live user, not split screen...
In that case, I can vouch for Rainbow six. It's brilliant co-op - you can play the 'proper' missions with up to 3 others as a team, or you can play 'terrorist hunt', where you and your buddies have got to clear a map of randomly placed bad-guys. The headset is a huge help here, and the team communication really adds to the tension.

Both game modes are fantastic fun and seriously nerve-wracking [sic??]
I'll second that - it's an awesome game in co op / mission.

Saying that I don't actually own it any more. :suicide:
Looking forward to it - managed to find Rainbow Six 3 for £19.99 on the Toys R Us website, so I should have it by the weekend.:laugh:

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