Co-axial problems



I recently purchased a Sony HT-DDW840 theatre system and have connected it to my Sony DVP-NS300. My problem is that when I connect via the digital co-axial lead and select 'co-axial' on the amp, I get no output to the speakers and the amp flashes up 'UNLOCK'. Anybody any clues where I'm going wrong.

Don´t you have to assign the dvd player to output its signal via coaxial?? Sony players seem to be different to most others! Check the audio output settings of the dvd player.
stanely ive got the 740 version of yours 450 watts instead of 600 watts like yours, ive gone from a digitheatre 5.1 to this, what do you think of your new sony set up.
Brad123, I haven't had too much time to play with my new system as yet but I have watched Mummy II on it to try out the DTS and the result was damn good. I could only manage 50% volume as stuff began falling off shelves.

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