CM12U Home Automation Controller & X-10 Software


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I've been looking at the CM12U Home Automation Controller & X-10 'Activehome' Windows Software package from Letsautomate. They also do this adaptor with software called 'Homeseer'.

Anyone had any experience with the CM12U and either of thesoftware products?

Also, does anyone know if a silimar adaptor is available but with a USB interface?

I've also come across software for PocketPC PDA to control X-10 devices.


Mark Ward

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Kevin AutoM8it or Homeseer, which would you go for?

Also which is the best hardware (value for money) for an X10 to PC Interface solution?




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Also which is the best hardware (value for money) for an X10 to PC Interface solution?
AFAIK - There is only the one type - the CM12

As to which software - I'm biased as I've been running Homeseer for a couple of years.

Rock solid, great plug in support and simple scripting. I use it (among other things) to create lighting scenes.

E.G. Pronto sends the command A4 on, Homeseer sees this and then sends a series of X10 commands to the actual lights.

Have a look at the message boards over at Homeseer for some ideas. I've seen some VERY impressive uses. I especially liked the one that, every morning, checked the online weather forecast, if it was dry it would turn on the garden sprinklers :clap: :clap:

The only drawback is that you need a PC on 24hrs day. Not a problem for me as I use a central server that also hosts my MP3 collection for whole house audio :D


Mark Ward

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The only drawback is that you need a PC on 24hrs day.
Hmmm, my HTPC is on 24/7 however I'd have preferred to run this from my regular PC which has 4 user accounts (Me, Wife & Kids) and is regularly logged out and back in.

Looks like it'll have to run on the HTPC. Still, I understand you can configure it remotely anway.

Looks like another thing to buy:rolleyes: :D <Why isn't there a "sighing wife or one with a rolling pin" smiley?>



I have used active home and home seer for my X10 system and found them both useable. I have Been running the X10 system for a couple of years now. Most of my lightinng circuits in the house are now X10. I also have several outdoor lights wire in with X10 PIR sensors. Wake up in the morning to find all the light I need on, leave for work at 6:50 and at 7:00 all the lights go out. Come home at night and Driveway, living room and hall lights are on. All without touching a light switch.....

Also has the kettle X10'd for a while and had a fan heater plugged in when we had a new boiler installed.

I went the whole hog and installed 3 new consumer units in the loft and used the din rail X10 system.
I don't have the PC on 24/7 as the CM12U stores it in it's memory.

Only leave it on when I want to run a signal log and check timings. The CM12U used to loose the timeclock at the begining.



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Is the 'homeseer' software available as a trial version? Is it worth the extra money in comparison to the 'activehome' software?

When would the XM10U (TW7223) X10 mains interface be used?


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Just read this thread today.

I'm new to the X10 / Homeseer world.

I connected up my CM12U and managed to create my first automation event using a Homeseer trial software! :rotfl: Because my PC doesn't have a COM port, I had to buy a USB to COM convertor, which -thankfully- works a charm.

But one problem - it doesn't work when the Homeseer application is closed.

I was under the impression that events could be uploaded to the CM12U ?

Could someone confirms this can be done with Homeseer ? If so, how must it be configured ?

(And if not, are there any other applications of Homeseer quality which will allow be to store events on the CM12U?)

Many Thanks...


I looked at Homeseer recently and from what I could tell it didn't support uploading timers to the CM12U, so I've gone back to Activehome (which is less friendly but allows me to switch the PC off).

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