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Clueless is an understatement


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We have finally decided to replace our aging TV, in fact I am sure if I gave you any details of it you would be still laughing next week and I would be thrown from these forums.

I've started looking around on the web and on the whole it has only served to confuse me even further, so I am hoping that people here can make a suggestion or two as to what I should look at.

Firstly my criteria. The room is quite large so I am looking for a 50" but will consider 42" + if its a much better deal.

The wall the tv will be on is the same wall that the only windows in the room are on, we do sometimes get some glare on the current tv, but only usually at weekends i.e. if we are watching tv in the day.

I'd have a very strong preference for a full hd 1080p and I expect to be hooking it up primarily to sky hd, for watching footy and the odd film.

Ideally (thought its not a showstopper) I would like to hook it up to my home network, preferably through ethernet, (not wifi, though that is an option) as I have a small server with various bits of music video etc. I would like to be able to watch iplayer and the other catch up services but again its not a showstopper if we can't.

At the moment we don't have any sound system in the room at all, although that might change in future I would like the sounds to at least be ok on it.

On the TV's I have looked at I like the look of the plasma's but would certainly consider something that wasn't plasma

I'm not bothered at all about 3d and certainly dont want to pay extra for it unless the tv is really worth it.

Finally the budget, I would see around £700 as being the upper limit

I would be grateful for any suggestions at all



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On the subject of glare/reflections, I am in a similar situation, and for that reason discounted plasma TVs... [glass screen)... also some LCD/LED TVs have high gloss screens, such as some Samsung models.

I decided on the PANASONIC VIERA TX-L37E30B LCD/LED which has a matt screen, and connects to a router wired or wirelessly, also available in 32" and 42" sizes. Mine has not been delivered yet, so I cannot comment first hand about quality.

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Panasonic G30/S30 plasma is the best for the money, as you may know plasma is better with motion, you will also get more set for your size and budget. My main window is behind my set in a small brightish(in the summer days) room. Id say I get glare maybe 10% of the time if that.
OLCD wise sorry not up on the sets around 700, if glare is an issue you def need to go matt(then I guess thats obvious).
We have the best reviews on the web right here, so Id make use of this great asset and have a butchers, these reviews go into great depth and a great starting point.

Theres a link to the review section in my sig.
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I too have a room that's bad for reflections and a matt screen was a must.

I went for the Sony 55EX723 (46" version available), still playing with it but I'm very impressed so far.
Has the usuall smart tv functions and reviews seem to agree 2D performance is excellent but 3D is only average.

Put it on your option list and have a look.



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I've been doing some more research and currently the favorites (thought this can easily change) are the LG 50PV350T and a Cello 55'' C5566DVE LCD from M&S which almost seems too good to be true and as far as I can make out has no sky code which is a disadvantage apart from that though the cello looks like a bargain at £549.



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Who makes Cello, I wouldn't spend £550 on a no brand TV, especially as Richer Sounds have the highly acclaimed and 3D Panasonic 50ST30 for £600


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Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their advice, it was extremely helpful.

Should anyone be interested, in the end I invested £500 in a panasonic 50" plasma (P50s30B). We thought long and hard about the reflection issue and decided it wasn't a major problem as the windows face east. John Lewis had it at that price for a few days. The next day they put the price up by £50 so I was a little wary. to be fair John Lewis were absolutely fantastic. The TV arrived last monday and we are absolutely delighted with it so far. I haven't connected it to the web yet but am not expecting any big issues there (I intend to use a wired connection) and will then see what it makes of my NAS.

I understand that I need to keep the brightness and contrast settings turned down for a month or two, is that correct?



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