Clueless About New TV Sets - Advice Welcomed


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Dear Contributors,

Hmm..Thanks for your thoughts: gill957/Insanity202

A combination of John Clayton's unsolicited faux "apology" emails and the RS Saleman's ability to waste my time on two occasions makes me hesitant to even revisit Richer Sounds impressive website.

Was the Toshiba the same model number as the one in Tesco?

This was impossible to establish, although I asked the RS Salesman about model numbers. (He didn't even check his system). The LG 32 TV was definitely a different model ... He asked me to quote the model number while I was standing near the set!

What appears to have happened was that Richer Sounds wasted my time from the outset by advertising LG 32LK330U online, then not having it available in store. Even though I visited the store the next day... :facepalm:

In fact, Currys pulled the same trick by claiming the Tosh 32 LCD was a "different model" because it had a built-in DVD. The set was identical except for the inbuilt DVD that I didn't need anyway :rolleyes:

As a customer, I'm just trying to get the best deal on a 32 LCD TV with a picture that doesn't look like it's been through a washing machine 10 times... Too much to ask? :)

Kind Regards, OldSchoolTech


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Hi there,

Ive been looking around and wondered if you have thought about shopping with John Lewis? There TVs come with a 5yr Warranty and there customer service is supposed to be pretty good.
I hear there also have a policy that if you find the same tv cheaper elsewhere within 30days of purchase they will refund the difference.

I saw this Samsung on there site
Buy Samsung UE32EH5000 LED HD 1080p TV, 32 Inch with Freeview online at

Having done some looking around it does seem to be getting plenty of praise for picture quality.


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Dear Contributors,

Thanks to Insanity202 for his/her continued efforts. I must admit dealing with TV retailers feels like a tiresome battle where the enemy (salespersons) pose as "friends". (Guerrilla warfare?)

I've visited three well-known retailers and wouldn't recommend any of them... Tesco's comes out on top, but even this huge retailing beast were lacklustre. (Vague about their vouchers, unable to show me the sockets on the TV I wished to examine, no delivery instore, no trade-in scheme, no s-video adapter supplied).

Regards Samsung LCD 32 - Well, with a price tag of £299 it seems steep. My goal was to source a branded 32inch set for £180. I still think this is possible but I'll have to train up at customer "boot camp" for 6 months to handle the sales battlefield :)

I also couldn't help noticing John Lewis do not mention Contrast Ratio or if "composite video" is available on the set, two features (thanks to AVForums Contributors) I now know are crucial.

Kind Regards, OldSchoolTech
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Contrast ratio really isn't that important -the manufacturers often vary is how this is measured in order to out do each other, to draw in the punters with big numbers...they are not actually comparable

I would say that a new 32" branded TV for £180 is very ambitious, if you want anything approaching decent blacks, motion handling, sound, viewing angles and a warranty (I would personally include LG in this myself, they just seem a bit cheap and plasticky to me unless you go high end)

However, this is presumably the LK330 replacement for £210 from Amazon LG 32CS460 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview (New for 2012): TV

I am not sure why you are finding it so hard to buy a TV? I am not surprised Tesco are a tad clueless, they are when all is said and done a supermarket, people like ease and convenience, so they sell TVs as an addition to their core business of cornflakes, chicken and Coca-Cola :)
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