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Club for those who like to play regularly.

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Sick of getting 2 or 3 games a week?
No one ever online in your club or constantly leaving...?

I have setup a club for those who like to pass....and get online as often as they can, not just to talk about life...:rotfl:

We have 8 members or so....looking for all types of positions, as long as you like passing and playing for a team not just for your own gratification.

i'm online at least every night.:)
Almost all games will be archived in HD 720p with gamechat.

Please post your Gamertag if interested.:clap:

1. tomakasatnav
2. Spoondles
3. PinheadedMike
4. kenetiks
5. Pilgrimchris
6. marf100
7. macca10
8. FlukeOfNature
9. JacMF
10. IAN K 1978
11. goooner1
12. Brambo 1973
13. kidderbean

The Club's name is "Dr Best" (not my choice), so if you cannot find the invite to club , you can request to join it.
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Hey, I'm new here but this does sound right for me so I'll put down my gamertag :)

gamertag = tomakasatnav
I'd like to join. Can't say I'm on every night but fairly frequently. I prefer to pass and assist than score as a rule :thumbsup:

Good to know, although we do want goal scorers, just not the ball hoggers who pass to their own little cronies.:smashin:


Standard Member
I'm definately interested. Also, if I decided that I was no longer interested in 10v10, I would leave.

I am 0% DNF as it should be. (got the quitting achievement on unranked against my friend 5 times...)

I am best CAM - however, would like to play as a striker. Check out my stats on my player hub as it shows im very good at the game. Not bragging... Honest.

Anyone can add me as a XBL friend, just send a message saying you're from AVForums or something.

I will play anybody on fifa too. Aslong as you don't go Barca or Real Madrid. (MUFC are ok this year because that greasy moron has moved to spain.)


Yup defo up for this. Have been playing FIFA most nights since release and will continue to do so for the foreseeable, so i would certainly like to join up.

My created player is CAM, and kinda prefer that position, but will play anywhere and, shock horror, will make sure whatever position i play, it's done 'proper' (i.e. not playing as a defender and then spending all match in the opponents half) :thumbsup:

Plus, should i move on to other things down the line, i will post in this thread to confirm and leave the club so others can take my place. Not sure if/when that'll happen, as really enjoying FIFA10, but just though i would menton it.

So yeah, defo up for it. I didn't see a club name to search for in the game, so i guess the OP is going to send invites or release the club name when the list is big enough. Either way, see you all for a game soon. :thumbsup:
I've sent you all fr requests.
I'll be on from 7pm and yes I'll send you all invites to the club


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if you need any1 else im happy to play, just left my other club as no one was ever online so never got a game started, if people here are on regular it should be good. :thumbsup:


Thanks for some good games tonight lads, especially that 6-4 match.

Am out tomorrow evening but the rest of the week shall be available after 7.

Let's see if we can get 10 of us tomorrow for the cheevo as a bonus :thumbsup:


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Sorry, was out tonight, but I'll be around most nights, around 8 probably. I was just wondering, how does it decide who we're playing, is it random?
Thanks for some good games tonight lads, especially that 6-4 match.

Am out tomorrow evening but the rest of the week shall be available after 7.

Let's see if we can get 10 of us tomorrow for the cheevo as a bonus :thumbsup:

Yeah was a nice fightback, pity it came in the last 10 mns though. you need to work on timing your passes a bit quicker ;), we did ok though considering.

Online tonight about 7ish, i'll send off more requests to those that want to join.
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