Closing bass-reflex holes


Having moved my Sony stereo speakers from living room into bedroom room I found myself into some problems. Bass is too boomy and moving speakers around dont help. Problem is in its bass-reflect holes so I shuted it down. Is this going to be a problem couse speakers are not ment to be sealed. Probably not but what about loud setting and bass heavy material?

Ian J

Some speakers sound better when the ports are sealed if they are near a wall. It will not cause a problem.


Ok, that is what I wanted to hear, room is just too small but now problem is solved, no going back now.


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Originally posted by NoNic2
no going back now.
You can put some old socks in the holes, which can easily be retreived. ;)


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Some speakers, including my Missions came with sponge bungs for the rear ports. If you don't have any dedicated bungs you could maybe improvise with some bathe sponge or similar.


For first hand I just put arms of some old t-shirt, it is working really good, too bad I dont have to post some pictures also couse it is funny looking.:eek: .Maybe this is begining off some mad new trend of dressing up your favorite speaker or sub. I can already see it, B4 dressed as Santa Claus:suicide:

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