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Closed Back, Circumaural £100ish


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Essentially I'm after some nice comfy headphones. Initially my ideal wasn't to go higher than £100, until I saw the Beyerdynamic beauties, which I meant stretch to if you think they'd meet my wants and needs. If I could go £60ish I'd be happier, but I prefer to pay once for quality, rather than repeatedly for lower quality.

These are what I'm currently considering and looking into further:
  • HD280
  • HD380
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 M
  • Edit: Audio Technica ATH-A500 (Should I include these too?)

Primarily MP3 players.
  • The Missus' iPod Nano
  • HTC Desire
  • computer gaming
  • Onkyo 605 amp

I use them in the office quite a bit, hence wanting closed back. The office is open plan, so I want to cut out the noise of it.

I listen to quite a variety of music, including Trance, Country, Pop, Dubstep, Rock. About the only things I tend to not listen to are Indie or Classical really.

For the amount I'm looking at spending (which is plenty to me), I'm after some that will last plenty of years, with good construction. I don't really want any that are too heavy either.

Something else which occurred to me is, are the ones I'm looking at pointless considering my less than stellar music sources?

I would really like to hear any helpful advice in what I'm after, and/or what I'm considering.

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Out of your list the DT770's would definately be the headphone to go for over the other ones mentioned,


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I also noticed that the Audio Technica ATH-A500 seemed like an ok choice for that sort of money. But I'm still unsure as to what would work best for my needs.

And then there's the impedance thing I need to understand, as the DT770's seem to have variety on that, and it's not like I'm using a headphone amp or anything near that. Is 80 ohms too much for a battery device like a iPod Nano, or HTC Desire?
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No 80ohms would be fine on a battery powered device, its the 250ohm & 600ohm versions that would be more problematic.

The ATH-AD500's are good headphones for the money, a little on the bright side but excellent detail & super comfort, if you are considering Audio Technica id go a little more & get the ATH-AD700's, they are 32ohms & would work fine with an iPod or Nano.


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Unfortunately the ATH-AD's aren't closed are they? It was the A's I was looking at.

What sort of ohm can I go upto before battery powered players wont power them?


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Sorry forgot you were after closed back, in that case its the AD's, not the ATH-AD's.

Sensitivity also plays a big part, but generally I would keep below 120ohms, not saying a 250ohm pair wouldnt work fine, they probably would but generally they benefit more from amping, where as the 32ohm phones are more designed around ipods & such.

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