Close unresponsive program?

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From the Mac store I have downloaded and installed the 'unarchiver' program for opening rar files.

Unfortunately it does not seem to like some of my files and whilst it does not crash, it simply hangs with the spinning wheel.

If I select another file from the same list the window disappears but when I select another rar to open the original file is still trying to be opened and the program does nothing.

If I select 'force quit' from the top menu it offers me a selection of programs to quit but not unarchiver! My only option is to shut down and restart which is a pain.

My kingdom for 'ctrl-alt-del' ;)

What am I doing wrong? There must be a way round this other than shutting down and restarting?


Activity monitor should show you what is running and from there you can quit the app.
Go to launch pad then utilities and then fire up Activity monitor.


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If the app/program is seen via ActivityMonitor, then select it and click on the the QuitProcess icon.


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use another programme i highly recommend stuffit expander

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