Cloning Win10 to SSD


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Have a Samsung 500GB SSD to upgrade a laptop.

I can use the Samsung data migration software to clone the disk but I have some questions about preparing the SSD.

If it were my desktop it would be a doddle, just plug the SSD into a spare SATA and power connector, run the software and that's it.

But can't do that with a laptop. I have a USB adapter that have a SATA socket on it. I'm not sure whether the a 2.5" SSD needs a seperate power supply or whether te SATA is enough but I can provide that if needs be.

But do I need to partition and format the SSD before it will show up on the USB adapter?




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When I upgraded the ssd on my friends pc, the Samsung software did everything including the formatting.

I think if you want to split the ssd in to partitions you may have to do that first, otherwise using the USB adapter will allow you to connect to the laptop and clone via the Samsung software.



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Thanks, I'll have another play today. Got the drive yesterday so only had a quick look at it after I had got home from work, had dinner, voted etc.

At first I thought the SSD was faulty at first becuse I plugged it in using the USB adapter and it did not appear. I then tried it on my desktop which has an eSATA interface and again it didn't show up as a disk but I could see it as an uninitiated volume in the partition manager.

I tried the USB adapter on my desktop and it disk was not showing up even in the partition manager. My thoughts at the moment

1) the USB Adapter is defective
2) the USB Adapter needs driver software (don't think so)
3) the USB Adapter only works with a partitioned formatted drive

Will do some more experimentation today.




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Does the drive show up in device manager?

The USB adapter won't need a partitioned or formatted drive.

The drive will need something connected to it's power connector to work as the SATA connector itself is data-only. Most USB adapters do provide this though, which one are you using?

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