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I want to upgrade my C: drive by cloning it to a larger disk. It has only Windows and other applications on it, no data.

Has anyone done this successfully and, if so, what software was used ? Also, do you need to re-register Windows with Microsoft ?

I have tried to use Maxtor's software to copy the information but can't install it due to some issue with, I think, anti-virus software.

I expect answers will instead recommend re-installing everything on a clean disk.


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I have used "acronis true image" several times. It works fine. No need to re register windows (with any disk cloning software). It's commercial software though so will be £30 or so.

I have also once used the command "robocopy" to copy the contents of one disk to another. I looked up the settings to do this online and literally copied all the files and folders from one disk to another. This was either vista or windows 7. I then used the windows installation disk to repair the installation and it worked fine.


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A bit more information would be helpful like operating system.

But if your using windows 7 go to back up and restore then create a system image.

You don't need to pay anything or use any 3rd party software.


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Sorry to butt in on this, but I'm also presently doing a backup of my system on Win 7 to create an image to move to a larger drive.

However the drive i'm backing up is the C drive which is 200gb in size, its now been 2 days since the backup process started and until now its done approx 80% of the the C drive.
I honestly can't believe its taking so long, is this normal?

Just to add, i'm not using any 3rd party software.
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Have a look on the website of your HDD manufacturer. They often have software for just this purpose.


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Its a Hitachi Deskstar don't think they have any such thing.

You would have to pick Hitachi! :laugh:

They do however point you in the right direction on their General FAQs page.

"How do I make an exact copy my old hard and put in on the new hard drive?"

Hope that helps?



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Apologies again to OP to use his thread like this.

My backup via windows & finally completed I've tried to go through the process via recovery disk, but having a problem at this stage.


The option to choose a drive is offering to install on the whole of the new drive rather than a specific partition which I have created on it. How can I choose the the appropriate partition?

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